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Our Collection Showcase series continues with Nestor Villarreal (Instagrams @under7hemask). Check out the gallery alongside a short interview for a full insight into the collection.

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What does your collection comprise mainly of?

My collection is around 70% 1/6 scale one 30% premium format statues – mostly Hot Toys and Sideshow.

When did you really start to get into collecting? Were you surrounded by figures from a young age or has something more recent triggered it?

I started collecting around 5 years ago when my brother introduced me to I’ve always loved action figures, superheroes, comics, etc. Before I started collecting, as an adult I would always go to the toy aisles and just check toys out.


What are your Top 3 favourite items in your collection?

My top 3 items would be Hot Toys 1/6 Heath Ledger Joker , Hot Toys 1/6 Jack Nicholson Joker and 1/6 scale Hot Toys Harley Quin

If you had to put a price on it, what is your most valuable item within your collection?

My most pricey/valuable collectible would be my Prime 1 Batman The Dark Knight Returns statue. 

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What is that one Grail pieces that continues to elude you?

The 2 grails that elude me would be Christopher Reeves 1/6 Hot Toys Superman and Terminator T800 Damaged version 1/6 Hot Toys. I’m trying to hunt them on eBay at a reasonable price. 

Where do you usually stop by to pick up additions to your collection?

I usually stop by at a Comic store 2 hrs always from where I live since there’s no collectibles store where I live. Online I usually shop on Sideshow or BBTS.


Let us know the 3 items that you hope to add to your collection over the next year.

I hope to add Thor Hot Toys 1/6 from  Age of Ultron so I may finally complete my original Avengers. 1/6 John Wick Hot Toys  and 1/6 Hot Toys Commander Cody. 

How do you feel about keeping your figures boxed up as opposed to opening them?

I’m not a big fan of keeping figures in a box. I do keep all my 1/6 figure boxes stored in a storage unit since I have no more space at my house. I believe in displaying your figures, putting them in a nice pose with good lighting makes them pop in the glass display. I see the value of some collectors keeping some collectibles in their box but I need to play around with the figure and wouldn’t be able to keep a cool looking figure unopened. 

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A huge thank you to Nestor for allowing us into his home to check out his incredible collection – be sure to follow him over on Instagram via @under7hemask. If you’re interested in having your collection showcased, simply click the form below, fill it out and return it.

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Last modified: April 22, 2019

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