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Brian Rungkat (@akirajo9) stops by to walk us through the creation of his latest shot as we continue to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Dark Knight. Brian takes it from here :


I’ve created a scene where Batman is investigating the sewer for missing people (here, I intended the victims have been slain and eaten by Killer Croc). The above picture is trying out how the scene set up would look and also figuring out the lighting. 

Equipment used:

  • Custom Batman classic mezco 1/12 by @nosferatu_custom
  • Diorama sewer 1
  • Diorama sewer 2
  • Camera : Sony a7, lens Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8

I mixed and matched the two small sewer dioramas that I have. The idea is to give it realism and depth for the final shot. In addition, I then set up a few skulls to resemble the remains of the missing persons and as well as a clothing article. I also added a rat (since I only have one) and a few newspaper scraps to give the environment further realism. The following pictures are about the set up.


After figuring out the best angle, I then proceeded to play more with the overall composition such as lighting, fog, colour and most importantly, Batman’s pose. 


Finally, after taking many pictures of the same set up I have decided to settle on one final image. For me this pic is the best version as the skulls, rats and the sewer are properly highlighted and the colours are popping and most importantly, the figure is also properly lit. 


A huge thank you to Brian for taking us behind the scenes on his special Batman 80th Shoot and you can see more of his work via Exclu Issue 8 below :

For all the latest Tutorials & Behind The Scenes features, stay tuned to Exclu.


Last modified: April 21, 2019

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