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You remember your first love, your first pet, your first concert and if you’re a Hot Toys Marvel collector, your first Iron Man figure! I remember mine as if I just got it two months ago…because I did. The Neon Tech Mk. IV might be an unusual choice for the first iteration of shell-head to grace my shelves, but the Tron-look just spoke to me.


This being the first time I’ve unboxed an IM, I was both impressed and a bit intimidated. It’s truly an impressive piece of engineering but the sheer amount of movable parts was a surprise.

Swapping out the wrist armor for the gauntlet/wrist missile attachments is a bit of a challenge as well


The amount of work it takes to turn on (or off) all the illuminated features is considerable and will really mess up your posing but as with all battery-operated figures, you probably won’t be lighting them up too often. That said, all the switches are well hidden and the compartments are virtually unnoticeable.


The UV glow feature here is nice. You’ll have to find a UV bulb or fixture to use on display if you want it to really show. The images here are a slightly “enhanced” on post-production to show it off, but it does look good under the light.


I’ve always loved the stealth Iron Man armor and while this isn’t officially “stealth” (and how could it be if you have glowing lines all over you!) it still carries that cool gravitas of a stealth suit. It’s definitely opened my eyes to the appeal of the IronMan figures, especially the die-cast ones. They are solid, substantial pieces and I’m sure I’ll be adding one or two more soon!


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Last modified: April 22, 2019

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