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Next in our Collection Showcase series, we take a  closer look at the mind blowing horde that belongs to Mariusz Sempien  (Instagrams @max21162).


What does your collection comprise mainly of?

My collection consists mainly of Marvel superheroes and DC Comics characters but there will I also have  characters from games, movies and animations.

When did you really start to get into collecting? Were you surrounded by figures from a young age or has something more recent triggered it?

I started my collection from 2012 and at first, on the shelf stood figurines from my childhood, which I found in the attic and later I gradually started to add in new figures on a regular basis.

What are your Top 3 favourite items in your collection?

My three favorite items within my collection are: Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Captain America Shield, my Superman Statuette and all the MCU figures.

If you had to put a price on it, what is your most valuable item within your collection?

For me, the collection as a whole has the most value to me, but when it comes to market value, it is my 1:6 figure of Barney Ross from Expendables 2 by Hot Toys.

What is that one Grail pieces that continues to elude you?

I always find it hard to track down both Vision and Agent Coulson Marvel Legends figures from the MCU.

Where do you usually stop by to pick up additions to your collection?

I usually just buy my figures on Amazon or exchange them with friends.

Let us know the 3 items that you hope to add to your collection over the next year.

Three things that I really want to have in my collection over the next year are Hasbro’s Iron Man helmet from the Marvel Legends line, a Captain America Hot Toys 1:6 and as many Marvel Legends MCU as I can get my hands on.

How do you feel about keeping your figures boxed up as opposed to opening them?

If someone needs to leave a figurine in a box or take it out, it’s his choice. I have to open to give them life by taking them in the open air and taking pictures of them.

A huge thank you to Mariusz for allowing us into his home to check out his incredible collection – be sure to follow him over on Instagram via @max21162. If you’re interested in having your collection showcased, simply click the form below, fill it out and return it.

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Last modified: April 8, 2019

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