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We kick off our Gundam showcase with a look Behind the Scenes with Galih Septo as he brings a fiery shoot to bare highlighting just how photogenic these models can be.

What follows is directly Galih :

I would like to thank Jack and Exclu Team for giving me the opportunity to participate on this “Gundam 40th Anniversary Day” session. On this remarkable opportunity, I wouldn’t write too much about the detail just wanna talk a little bit about how this picture was created.


Here’s some BTS from my picture :

By using my own diorama, I began to set the peripheral objects as the background of this picture. The peripheral objects that I used were

  • Small rocks
  • Bandai Tamashii Effect Impact Grey and Beige
  • Bandai Tamashii Effect Explosion
  • Cotton made from dacron material used as effect for fiery explosion.
  • Bandai Figurise explosion

Bandai Gundam PG RX 178 is the figure that I used for this picture. Then I started to set the position of the figure based on my imagination and the theme that I set for this 40th Gundam Anniversary that I had in mind. After I got the best pose for the figure, I began to set the lamps. There were 4 lamps used for this project, one lamp put on the back as the key light, two on the right and left of the object as the fill light and finally one lamp put below the object that used as the fill lamp for the object.


As usual I created a smoke effect around my self using the help of Vapor (electric cigars). After the picture was successfully taken by using my camera, I then gave a final touch using Photoshop editor.

To make the picture more “lively” I put a sparkling effects on the eye  and sword, laser  beam effect on the rifle nose cap. I used three layer brush which combined as one layer as the sparkling effects on its eye and sword And for the laser beam effect I merge an image taken from google with my picture to create the laser effect.


I think that is all from me, hopefully, many of you can get the benefits from my description.

Thank you.

A huge thank you to Galih for sharing his work with us for our 40th Anniversary of Gundam showcase! Be sure to follow more of his work via his handle @galih_septo and as ever, stay tuned to Exclu for all the latest from right across the toy community.

Last modified: April 7, 2019

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