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It’s Marvel Studios Month right across the Exclu Platform and so we have teamed up once more with Comics & Cocktails to take a closer look at the Black Panther Marvel Legends – M’Baku BAF Wave with a brand new gallery.

Take a closer look at each figure below & find out how you can win Infinity War SHFiguarts at the base of the page :


Making only a brief appearance in his Black Panther suit, T’Chaka left an impression and is one the best look designs from the MCU to date which translates really nicely into Legends form.

Black Panther (Civil War Suit)

This one is a bit cheeky really from Hasbro as theres very few discernible differences from the Civil War Wave of Legends besides the pretty awesome un-masked head sculpt. The only real downside if having to pick this guy up again and the smirk on the face sculpt is a bit off putting – much rather an action face on this one.


Black Panther (Vibranium Suit)

It took a while to warm to this suit design as I felt the Civil War version was spot on from the get-go but over after seeing in action in Infinity War it makes this figure all the more appealing. Theres great detailing here across the figure which makes for a decent figure all round.


Dora Milaje

Sworn to protect the Black Panther, the Dora Milaje are made up of select warriors and its great that Hasbro included multiple head-sculpts here for the army builders out there. The varying weapons also plays into the expectation that we’ll own more then one which I think is why theres such good detailing here as further incentives to pick up more then just the one.



Ulysses Klaue

This has to be on the best head-sculpts from any Marvel Legends figure to date with a fantastic likeness of Andy Serkis helped along with a very competent paint application. The split-cyborg arm here is a great touch that Hasbro could have easily looked over but it makes for one of the surprise stand-outs from the wave.


Erik Killmonger

One of the MCU’s best villains / antagonist to date, Killmonger had 2 very visually engaging looks from his opening battle attire to his ultimate Golden Jaguar ensemble. Unlike many Legends releases before it, Killmonger comes with a lot of detailing with a tactical belt packed out with grenades, a pistol in its holster and various other areas of detail in addition to the two firearms that the character can hold + a pretty competent headsculpt and Wakandan mask.

M’Baku BAF

The entire wave comes together to bring us the M’Baku Build-A-Figure which is a chunky figure and is one of the better MCU BAF’s so far. The larger character does come with less articulation then liked and the expression is a bit lacking but the sculpt and paint application is the real stand out here which elevates the figure to that of a worthy wave BAF.


We’re also offering you the chance to win one of three SHFiguarts – simply purchase any eligible Marvel Legends (This full wave included) and you’ll automatically be entered – hit the link below to head over to their site and get in on a great deal!


A huge thank you to Comics & Cocktails for sharing this wave with us for Marvel Studios Month – be sure to check out our social feeds for your chance to win a different SHFiguarts figure every Sunday.

For all the latest galleries and previews, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: April 3, 2019

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  1. Chad Kinsler says:

    In my opinion one of the best if not the best Mcu wave to date. Awesome photos

    1. exclucollective says:

      Thank you! Really enjoying the wave so far and glad you liked the shots!

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