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An Exclu Review by TJ Frye (@capes.and.rifles)

“Dread it.  Run from it.  Destiny still arrives.” 

I’d like to start off by saying how excited I am to be contributing this review to Exclu.  I hope the info I share here is ultimately helpful and insightful to my fellow collectors.  To say that this release was one of the most anticipated ones of the year for me would be an understatement.  I was impressed by how it looked when it was first announced last year but absolutely blown away when the final product images were shared.  With that being said, let’s dive into the Mad Titan.



One (1) Sixth Scale Thanos from Avengers:  Infinity War

Two (2) Interchangeable head sculpts – one neutral and one angry expression

Three (3) Interchangeable right hands – fist, relaxed, and gesturing

One (1) Interchangeable non-articulated left arm in power pose

One (1) Interchangeable LED lit Infinity Gauntlet with articulated fingers

One (1) Interchangeable LED lit Infinity Gauntlet in closed fist

One (1) Infinity War themed figure stand

One (1) figure backdrop



Not surprisingly, this figure comes with two sculpts: Neutral and Angry.

Let’s start with the neutral/serious sculpt.  This is a terrific representation of the Mad Titan.  Perfectly sculpted in the typical quality we expect from Hot Toys and on par with last year’s Hela and Yondu sculpts.  Because the character this is based on was mostly CGI it is hard to think that Hot Toys would have dropped the ball on this.  But nevertheless it did turn out quite well.  Just like I saw elements of Josh Brolin in the movie I can see that just as clearly in this sculpt.

Thanos composite-2

The angry sculpt is equally impressive.  There is zero loss of quality when switching between the two.  I wish we got a third “smirking” sculpt like the SH Figuarts release came with but more on that when I evaluate the price point for this figure. The only thing that would have made these sculpts even better, without adding that third sculpt I just mentioned, would have been the inclusion of the PERS system. Being able to change the direction the eyes look would have taken an already amazing likeness to a whole new level.



The paint applications here are equally good and once again in line with the quality we expect from this company.  The purple skin tone and pigmentation really bring the entire sculpt (including the bare arms) to life.  I’m hard pressed to find any fault with the overall paint apps on the figure.



This is where it might get a little disappointing.  If you own one of the iterations of the Hulk you will know what to expect here.  The articulated arms can be bent at 45 degrees but because of the rubber material used, cannot be left that way for a prolonged period of time for risk of damaging the material.  You also get that weird looking fold on the material when you bend it.  You get 360 degrees of movement on the head but be wary of hitting the collar.  I had to tilt the head slightly upwards prior to prevent making contact with said collar.  Arms, on ratchet joints, have a full range of movement.  The legs can swing outward at 70 degrees and you get that same range when it comes to bending the knees.  I was able to get a little bit of an ab crunch going with him so there is a torso joint.  I didn’t want to push my luck however and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. 

Magic1_-2thanos angry face 2

Was I expecting Spider-Man like articulation here?  Probably not.  To me, the non-articulated left arm makes up a bit for the limitations in the articulation department.  I can pose it well enough to photograph or leave in the display case.  Some will disagree with me on this but I’d prefer those ugly elbow joints in exchange for more articulation. 



Ranging from $360 to $376 at regular retail, not including shipping, this is a pricey figure.  A fantastic looking figure that establishes an immediate presence in my display case.  But when you compare it to a similar sized release, like the Gladiator Hulk, I don’t necessarily feel like I’m getting all my money’s worth.  Gladiator Hulk is going for $355 on Sideshow and came with way more accesorries.  I understand that engineering and production costs only keep going up these days but with the increasing amounts we as collectors are paying in this hobby it would be nice to throw in an extra accessory or two.  The blurry backdrop of Titan isn’t something I’d ever use.  A third “smirking” sculpt or a PERS system would have made the retail price a lot easier to swallow. 




While not quite a perfect figure, my expectations as a photographer and collector have been met.  The overall quality is what I am giving my rating on, not the individual areas in which the review was broken down above.  Is it worth the price?  That answer rests with each individual collector in this increasingly popular (and expensive) hobby.  I like having this figure a lot and hope to add more images of it in my Instagram gallery (@capes.and.rifles)

thanos test-2


For more from across the toy community, stay tuned to Exclu


Last modified: April 3, 2019

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