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Bandai have entered the fray and have shown off their upcoming Endgame SHFiguarts as we get full looks at Ant-Man, Thanos, Captain America, Black Widow, Ronin, Iron Man Mk85, & Iron Man Mk50 Nano Weapons Set 2.0.

Bandai seem to have really upped their game with the face’s across the board this time around as they all look solid and we are finally getting a un-masked Scott Lang headsculpt. The accessories here also look sufficient with Batons for Widow, a Blade and its sheath for Ronin and a plethora of Nano parts for the Mk50 suit. Time will tell if the hood is in any way removable on Ronin as that would make for a great touch, he doesnt appear to come with the throwing stars that we have seen from other releases such as Marvel Legends but the detailing across his costume looks brilliant from these stills.

Check out the full release gallery of the Figuarts from Bandai below :

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The first of this lot to release will be Thanos, Ant-Man & Black Widow in April followed by Mark 50, Ronin & Captain America in May. The Mark 85 Iron Man will release slightly later in June. Pre-Orders for all of these is now taking place in all the usual places but act fast as we know that some of these have already been sold out over on AmiAmi which is a particular favourite platform to pick up SHFiguarts for much of the community.

The 24 hours have seen a deluge of Endgame figures and merchandise revealed but the ones we have been holding out for where the SHFiguarts and Bandai seem to really deliver here and we can’t wait to get them in hand and find out for ourselves later in the year.

Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know who you are most looking forward to picking up and as ever, keep it locked to Exclu for all the latest news & previews.

Original imagery courtesy of Bandai.

Last modified: April 1, 2019

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