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Our Collection Showcase series kicks off with a closer look at the mind blowing treasure trove that belongs to Chris Webb (Instagrams @weshoottoysand includes everything from Black Series, Marvel Legends, Prime 1 Studios Statues and whole lot more.

_ Toyshooter - Display Cabinets

What does your collection comprise mainly of?

All sorts! I started off with Star Wars 3.75″ figures, then the odd vehicle and playset crept in, then it grew like a virus. Now I’ve got whole cabinets containing G.I.Joe’s, Marvel Legends, Gentle Giant busts and statues, DC figs, Hot Toys and Sideshow 1:6 figs and a fair few statues.

When did you really start to get into collecting? Were you surrounded by figures from a young age or has something more recent triggered it?

I grew up in the 80’s on Star Wars, Transformers and GI Joe; but I’d forgotten about them by the 90’s. In about 2003 my wife bought me a 3.75″ Bossk figure from a clearance bin and it blew my mind. The detail was incredible and that ignited the collector in me. To say she regrets it is an understatement.

Gi Joe - Cobra FiguresGI Joe - Joes FiguresBlack Series ANH

What are your Top 3 favourite items in your collection?

Gentle Giant’s Slave Leia statue is a real grail for me. Amongst Hot Toys the Force Awakens Jakku Rey is a stand out, and I’d have to go with Prime 1’s Harley Quinn statue for the sheer spectacle of it – Prime 1’s statues have to be seen to be believed!

Gentle Giant Leia Statues


If you had to put a price on it, what is your most valuable item within your collection?

By a wide margin either of the Prime 1 Harley Quinn, Batgirl or Catwoman statues (boxed at the moment)

What is that one Grail pieces that continues to elude you?

Oooh – on the figure side I would love the Marvel Legends Thunderbolts SDCC boxset but it’s way too pricey now. Additionally I passed on the Hot Toy’s Civil War Black Widow and now it gets insane prices.

Star Wars & GI Joe Vehicles

Gentle Giant Busts

Where do you usually stop by to pick up additions to your collection?

Figures I’m mostly getting from Amazon these days, occasionally Robot Kingdom for exclusives. Popcultcha here in Australia for Hot Toys & Statues.

Let us know the 3 items that you hope to add to your collection over the next year.

I’m desperately hanging for Prime 1 to ship the Witcher line (Triss, Yennefer & Ciri), and really looking forward to Hot Toy’s upcoming Bespin Leia, Deluxe R2 and Captain Marvel figs. Add to that the Marvel Legends X-Men line coming this year! Did you say 3 items or 3 sets?

How do you feel about keeping your figures boxed up as opposed to opening them?

I’m a die hard box opener. I get why folks would keep mint 1980’s Star Wars figures in case, but for more modern stuff I don’t see the point. The other very practical reason is space – owning so much stuff, I would guess it would take up 3 times as much space as if I had it all in boxes.

A huge thank you to Chris for allowing us into his home to check out his incredible collection – be sure to follow him over on Instagram via @weshoottoys. If you’re interested in having your collection showcased, simply click the form below, fill it out and return it.

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Last modified: April 1, 2019

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