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The second most fan=mous front door in London – next to No. 10 Downing Street is undoubtedly 221B Baker Street. The actual address exists now, but when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was writing his Holmes novels, Baker Street did not have addresses that went as high as 221, so it was fictional. Baker Street was later extended and included a 221 (sort of).

I just reviewed the special set of the Victorian versions of Sherlock and Dr. John Watson from the BBC special episode of Sherlock; The Abominable Bride. Here I’ll take a look at a nice accessory for those or the modern versions, the 221B Baker Street Entrance diorama. This comes in two versions; the Limited (regular) edition, and the Signature edition, which here includes the signature of the actress Una Stubbs a.k.a. Mrs. Hudson, Sherlock’s landlady (not housekeeper!)

Both are currently on sale for a great price (in my opinion), so get to Big Chief’s site if you want one after reading the review.


  • Replica of steps, doorway and gate of 221B Baker Street
  • Made of Polystone
  • 21″ high
  • light up feature



Overall, this is a nice paint job with pretty accurate coloring. At first glance the door paint may seem a bit hurried in places, but the actual door has the look of a well used, many times painted and repainted wooden door so it comes off as fairly accurate in that respect. It looks a little less glossy than it should and some of the chipping on the edges of the casing shown in the prototype images aren’t there but it does have a worn look overall.

The brass elements look good with a little weathering to make them look worn. The door buzzers are there looking well used (no names on the labels though).

The surrounding wall looks good, a bit more weathering here could improve it, but it’s fine. The wrought iron gate looks authentic. The steps and concrete have a nice worn shape to them, the paint is ok, if maybe a little “by-the-plan” looking.


Weighing in at 6.5lbs., this is a heavy piece! It’s made from polystone and comes in two pieces; the door structure, step, and landing are one piece and the gate rail and its stone base are another that fits over a small magnetized rail on the landing base. Everything has a very substantial feel to it.

The attention to detail is great here. From the shape of the spikes on the railing (and the broken rail) to the uneven placement of the door buzzers, the working door knocker, the cable running down one side, and the letter slot that opens to accept some 1/6th scale mail.

The back is decidedly thicker and heavier than the base and while it’s stable, it feels a little like it might tip backward given a decent little push at the top. I would either back it up against the back of a shelf or a wall or find some way to brace it from behind if it’s not, just to be safe. As mentioned, it’s heavy and shouldn’t be anywhere little hands could pull or knock it down.


As mentioned the letter slot opens and the door knocker works but the biggest feature here is the light up function of the intricate glass window above the door. This looks really nice in a low light space and adds a nice touch to the display.

The light is powered by two AAA batteries and controlled by a switch in the back. If you have this displayed on an open shelf or on top of a detolf (it won’t fit inside a detolf height-wise unless you remove a shelf) then the switch is easily accessible, but a in tight space might be tough to reach although it would have been tough to put the switch anywhere more reachable without it showing.








When it first came up for sale this was priced at £189.99 (approx $253 US), which when shipping was added (unless it was free at the time) got quite expensive and I would say overpriced. At the time of writing, however, Big Chief has this for sale at an unreal £50 or about $67 US. Shipping isn’t included here but to the US from the UK only adds another $42 on. For a total of about $98 US, this is a very attractive buy! If you have any rewards points saved with Big Chief – or even if you don’t – I wouldn’t hesitate to grab one.



This is based on the modern version of BBC’s Sherlock but as you can see here works well even with the Victorian versions from The Abominable Bride (if you hide the door buzzers behind a figure!). So if you have either of the Sherlock/Watson figures/combo’s I wouldn’t hesitate to pick this up. With only a hundred or so left in total of all editions, I wouldn’t wait too long either!



Thanks to Big Chief Studios for providing the figures for review.

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Last modified: March 19, 2019

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