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As the Tutorial theme here at the Exclu Collective comes to an end I wanted to pass along another tip on using Affinity Photo for the iPad to make your post processing life a bit easier, and much more mobile. This latest tip involves creating a composited image by combining multiple images into one using the app’s Stacks feature.

I’ve found this typically advanced post processing technique to be quite simple thanks to Affinity’s Stacks feature, so if you’ve struggled to master the art of compositing images in one of the mainstream photo editors that requires you to know the ins and outs of the software and their many intricacies to pull of this type of edit, then you may want to take the less stressful route like I did and commit to Affinity Photo for iPad. Plus, the ability to not be tied down to a desktop to do a technique like this is a bonus, and yes, I know PS is mobile, but Affinity is still WAY cheaper and does nearly every single thing PS can do, so I’ll stick with what works for me.

You can check out the tutorial in video form below. I use two shots of the same setup to create the composited final image. One shot had some nice explosions in it, while the other had more smoke, so I wanted a blend of the two for the final image. I’ve included the two images that were used to create the final image after the break.

Two RAW images

Final composited image

Full Video :

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Last modified: June 4, 2019

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