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An Exclu Review by Ivan Martinez

“Way to go, tic-tac!”

After his first appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Bandai has finally released one of the most anticipated figure from The  Avengers in the series. Here is Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) in 6” action figure scale.


Main body

  • Two wrist left and right for replacement
  • Replacement head
  • Wing (left and right)
  • Replacement backpack for wing
  • Dedicated weapon × 2
  • Joint parts for soul STAGE



One thing I look forward to figures are the resemblance of the characters whom they are inspired from. This will be the main basis for most collectors on how good a figure is. I am happy to see Anthony Mackie likeness in the head sculpt which I was really excited about. Not a 100% copy but you can clearly see its him on the figure. Same with any other figures, finding the best angle will do the trick. Shooting him on a side angle won’t look good because of the partition between his back head and his face. On his waist section, which I found to be unattractive .There are some angles which he looked fat . This is due to spaces between the joint connections. It’s a flaw I can overlook. Just avoid exposing his belly showing then you are good. The wings are beautifully crafted, designs including the mechanical parts, flaps and wing structures are copied greatly and even textured to give it a more detailed look. That red paint also gives it The Falcon look from the comics which he is known for. An extra backpack as a replacement is a plus when posing or displaying it without his wings. Overall look and his costume are extensively reproduced in this 6” scale.



Bandai’s reputation when it comes to paint application is impressive. They are just about the same from the movies we have seen. I compared the fig from the film and I must say its perfect. I love how they were able to emulate his looks in his notable grey colour suit and the distinct red linings on it. However, the goggles on the alternate head is painted with a flat finish, I wish they have done it with a glossy paint or even a plastic material to make it a deal breaker. Somehow it looks cheap but other that that, it’s a one helluva fig. The accessories like the jet pack, wings and included weapons look also great and obviously been given a great amount of time to materialise into stunning add ons.




I never had any problems with SHF figures from the past, But this one is an exemption. His left shoulder is somewhat loose out of the box. Not common to Bandai products but it’s a disappointment. Nevertheless it’s a quick fix which can be done easily. Flight poses are the best way to shoot or display it. The wings have ball joint connections attached to the removable jet pack. Full rotation and movement allows full pose ability with the figure which is constructed with every S.H.Figuarts figures.



I preordered this from Bandai website and cost me 10152¥  ($90 / £68) including shipping fee. Its an expensive figure compared to other releases but with great accessories and a good looking alternate head I could say it’s a just price.



All figures bought exclusively on Bandai’s website are sealed inside a brown box packaging used as protection for shipping items. This makes the item a hot commodity especially to collectors who are particular with the brown box. The main packaging box also looks cool with artworks showing the main figure. At the back, optional parts and variety of poses are shown.

I do not own any other Falcon figure to compare with but looking through internet and instagram photos of other brands, I might say this one is the best. An almost perfect looking head sculpt and well accessorised figure, no doubt its perfect.


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Last modified: August 16, 2020

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  1. Dhian Saputra says:

    hey man, nice review. i got same problem with the shoulder, how do you slove that btw? thanks

    1. ivantotpf says:

      Hey mate! Thanks for the quick read and comment! Usually my go to fix in regards to fixing loose joints on figures is brushing a small amount of nail polish(any brand will do), let it dry for a couple minutes or even hours then put it back in. That will simply do the trick.

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