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An Exclu Review by Ivan Martinez (@ivantot_pf)

“That’s how you punch!”

Here comes The Wasp! One of the first few figures being released by Bandai this year from their MCU line. I’ve recently picked her up so lets take the opportunity to take a closer look at one of the more intricately detailed SHF’s so far.



  • Main body
  • 2 pairs of replacement hands



I love the details which were put in with this figure. I did a comparison from the movie costume and I can say that its almost alike. It’s a cool figure matching the actress built. It is closed to perfection but missing Evangeline Lily’s replacement head might be a factor. However, the helmet looks good enough specially the visor which has an effect like the ones from the insect. The lines and paddings like on the film costume are nicely copied and detailed. The wings are transparent and with detailed marginal cells makes the figure cool! It can also be removed which is an added factor for posing or displaying purposes. Overall design and likeness is awesome which would appeal most collectors.



One thing I noticed with the figure was the lighter shade of blue which was used on her. It has a matte finish unlike with the film which was shiny in leathery material. I wished they used the same finishing they did to the recent Ant-man figure to match the two. It felt like it can be scraped easily when in contact with other materials. But trusting on Bandai’s quality, everything else is spot on with the application.



As a toy photographer, one important factor when I’m dealing with figures is articulation. I shot a full gallery and had no difficulty posing the figure. It has a butterfly joint on the shoulder which is unappealing to me. The shoulder would have spaces between the arms when I move it, and I tend to recompose my shot trying to hide the joints. But, moving the arms and replicating most of Wasps stance are easily achieved. The wings are amazing part of the figure. It can be easily rotated and can be moved in different directions, only with a slight hindrance from the back piece covering it which is also removable.




With a price tag of $60-65 / £80 (7020¥) excluding fees and with no replacement head for the figure, it’s a bit high when it should be well accessorised considering it as a Bandai exclusive. While the recent Ant-man figure was a regular release and priced at around $35 (¥3999) Bandai could’ve done the same with it.

Note: Prices are from Japan releases and may vary with other countries.



Bandai has provided us with a beautiful and well articulated figure of The Wasp in a 6” figure. Although no alternated head is included, from the helmet, the costume design and to the wings, its still a cool looking figure and would not disappoint collectors and fans of the Marvel line. The packaging itself is really well rounded here and its always worth noting this as many collectors adhere to the “Mint In Box” style but Bandai generally have a good hand on how to best present their figures.


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Last modified: February 11, 2019

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