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Throughout February we’ll be focusing on Toy Photography Tutorials, Tips & Tricks as members of the community and Team Exclu share their ideas and voice their opinions within a variety of areas. Our very own Jason Yang (@workmoreorless)  gives us a quick insight into how he turned his shoot of Miles Morales into a full blown homage to the incredible art direction of “Into the SpiderVerse

Starter (Raw) images :

Utilizing the Digirama technique, Jason was able to already capture the tones and shades that we associate with the character in his most recent outing but he doesn’t stop there.


The Process

Check out how Jason was able to utilize the tools within Adobe Photoshop to bring Miles even closer to the film’s styling.


The Results

At this stage, what else is there to say but Wow! Jason really knocked this shoot out of the park and far out of sight in what is a fantastic tribute to the art team behind Into The SpiderVerse’s awesome visual style.


Be sure to check out more of Jason’s work both right here on and also on his social platforms via his handle (@workmoreorless). Also stay tuned to us throughout February for more Tutorials, Tips & Tricks.

Last modified: June 4, 2019

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