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Throughout February we’ll be focusing on Toy Photography Tutorials, Tips & Tricks as members of the community and Team Exclu share their ideas and voice their opinions within a variety of areas. The following piece is by photographer Hue Hughes (@huehughes) as he shares his affinity with practical effects :

I like to shoot everyone in camera with practice effects. When I get an idea for a shot or series I either find a reference photo or just wing it. Whatever it is I plan to shoot I build a diorama. I like to use materials that are inexpensive and not deteriorate over time. Baking powder works great  for snow and construction paper for mountains. I have collected many other materials like sand, rocks, sticks and moss which I routinely use. 

One particular series I shot took place on Endor. I needed something to represent the giant red woods the speeder bikes race by. I thought why not try firewood that had been split open? It worked great and really showed the rough exteriors of the trees. 

download (3)download (2)

Another recent shot takes place in the carbonate freezing chamber in Cloud City. I wanted to recreate the scene where Darth Vader fights Luke Skywalker. I went to the art store and found bendable metal wire which I could mold into the metal work scene in my reference photo. The wire also was the right size to be anchored into place using Legos. Simple and effective. 

thumbnail_final (1)thumbnail_final

I enjoy recreating scenes and environments using these analog techniques. I’m always looking for new shots to create. I feel more connected to the image than composting something in Photoshop. This is just how I like to work. Everyone has there own preference and style. I think what people need to take away from this is do what you have the most success and enjoyment with – Have fun. 

A huge thank you to Hue Hughes (@huehughes) for sharing some insight into his use of practical effects along with some tips that will prove very useful for creatives out there in the community. Be sure to head over to his page to find more of his work

For all the latest Tutorials, Tips and Toy Photography Tricks, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: June 9, 2019

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