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I recently received an e-mail from Amiami informing me that there were some slight change of design on the head of the upcoming S.H. Figurarts Captain Marvel movie figure. It came as a surprise to me because I have never had the experience of Amiami sending out an e-mail to inform their customers that there were some changes to the design of a certain product. Feeling a bit anxious, I quickly navigated to the website to see what changes were made to the head! I was greeted by the picture below :-


To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the headsculpt because I don’t see the resemblance to Brie Larson at all. It left me in a dilemma on whether I should cancel my pre-order of this figure with Amiami. S.H. Figuarts did such a great job with their last female MCU figure and that was the Infinity War Black Widow, why in the world did they drop the ball on this one? The paint apps are still fantastic though judging from the rest of the pictures and the masked head is also way better than the unmasked head.


It was also great timing that I received my Marvel Legends Target Exclusive Captain Marvel (StarForce) this week and I was able to put together some comparison shots between the SHF and the Marvel Legends one. In my opinion, I think both of them still missed the mark of resembling Brie Larson but the Marvel Legends one comes in a bit close. Both of the masked heads looks good to me though. So, what do you guys think? Will you cancel your pre-orders or go ahead with the purchase and hope that customizers will recast and repaint the unmasked head ? Do share your thoughts and comments below.

Processed with MOLDIVBrie

Processed with MOLDIV


Oldboy CTTS repaint of the Marvel Legends Captain Marvel unmasked head

Pictures and information sourced from & Oldboy CTTS

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Last modified: February 1, 2019

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