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This months theme is “Movie Recreation” and we’re challenging the community to recreate scenes from their favourite films using their collection of toys and a little imagination. This time its the turn of Todd Hofherr sharing his work :

Using my in-progress 1/12 scale diorama of Uncle Owen Lars’ garage, I’ve staged Artoo’s holographic reveal of Princess Leia to Luke Skywalker.

I took a primary photo of the scene (without any hologram figure), plus a photo of the back view of a 6” ANH Princess Leia figure.

Apps used:

  • Apple iPhone “Photos”
  • Lens Distortions
  • Photoshop Fix
  • Photoshop Mix

A huge thank you to Todd for sharing his work for our Monthly Theme. Be sure to find more of his work via his Instagram portfolio @toddhofherr

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Last modified: February 1, 2019

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