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In honor of our monthly theme, which focuses on movie scenes being recreated with toys, I wanted to share a gallery of Star Wars Funko Pop shots I’ve taken in which I tried my damndest to recreate iconic Star Wars movie moments. Now if you’re a collector of Funko Pops you know they can’t be posed, so unlike using fully poseable action figures to recreate an iconic movie moment, it can get a bit difficult trying to setup a scene exactly as it appeared on film. With that being said, using Pops opens up opportunities to create slightly different takes on a scene, or even a new camera perspective to show off a different angle.

To pull off most of the Star Wars movie shots you will see in the galleries below, I mostly used a mix of the Digirama technique, as well as outdoor settings to provide the backgrounds. Items like smoke bombs, thrown, kicked, or blown sand, or even a hand-steamer were used to create smoke and haze effects, while Affinity Photo for iPad was used for post-processing effects and photo edits. In terms of the Digirama technique, I took my queues from our very own Jason Yang, and used a 26″ iMac screen with various wallpapers to create backgrounds for the Star Wars shots. I also would use a minimum of two lights that can change colors for lighting, so I wouldn’t say the setups here took long to create. They’re definitely not on the level of the Funko Pop Diorama king Bryan Rox.

Anyway, so the first gallery are scenes from A New Hope. Some of these were created using the new Pop Movie Scene sets, while others were created with standard Pops. Like I prefaced earlier, some of the shots aren’t 100% accurate when compared to the movie version, but with a little imagination, I hope you can realize the moments these shots aim to recreate.

A New Hope

Next up we have a few shots reflecting some key moments from The Empire Strikes Back. The Luke and Vader movie moment definitely provided a great opportunity at some scene recreations, but the Wedge Pop Deluxe worked well for shots from this film too.

Empire Strikes Back

While Return of the Jedi is my favorite Skywalker Saga film, I haven’t really done much in terms of movie scene recreations for it using Funko Pops, outside of the lone speeder bike chase scene below. This was a Digirama shot using the Pop Deluxe collectibles.

Return of the Jedi

Apparently my initial viewing of The Last Jedi really resonated with me and my toy photography, because I opted to create a bunch of moments from the film using Pops. In particular, I really zeroed in on the throne room battle, which I used accessories from the Snoke Black Series figure and some Space Walls. Those shots were taken with a red velvet background. The Poe shot must’ve been better than I thought, because Rian Johnson himself gave it a like on IG. It’s always an honor to have creators appreciate our work!

The Last Jedi

The final gallery is a hodgepodge of shots from the Prequels and the stand alone Star Wars movies. The Solo shots are examples of using a different perspective than what was featured in the movie itself, so while they’re not dead on recreations, I hope you get what moments I was shooting for.

Prequels and Standalones

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Last modified: January 13, 2019

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