After blowing us away with a fantastic 2018 and brilliant set for Issue 7, Kenichiro is back and this time it’s something a little different from him as he walks us through the back story to his recent Hulkbuster Mk.II shoot.

Hello everyone. I’m glad to be here again with the Exclu Collective and this time I’m repainting the Titan Hero Series IW Hulkbuster. This scene is set during Avengers Infinity War and is a production site of the Hulkbuster Mark II.

The base of this diorama is the Kotobukiya M.S.G Chen base with some super cheap embedded LED lights. In addition I used some Bosch miniature tools including an electric screwdriver and disk grinder which work well for the scale but may be better suited for 1/6.

My Process.


The subject I’m starting with is the Titan Hero Series Avengers Infinity War Hulkbuster Mark II from Hasbro which cost’s around $30 and I picked mine up from Toys “R” Us. The articulation is not great with the arms and legs moving in a singular direction. It’s worth noting too that this figure can not be disassembled and so I had to paint it in its default state.

The foundation layer uses GSI Creos Mr. Finisher Surfacer 1500 Black Spray which provides a good matte finish which I really like. It has great compatibility with a metallic base and I’ve found that it is also really effect for painting weapons.

I’ve left some areas masked that are to be painted silver along with other, finer details across the figure.

From here I fill in the detailing using Gundam Marker Air Brush System which I think is is a revolutionary product. You just plug in the marker and blow air and you can clean up only by pulling out the pen and closing the air. It is a very popular product now and is being used by a lot of Japan’s modelling community.


Now I simply peel off the masking tape once the paint has settled and repeat the steps but this time adding on the gold finish to the required areas using the airbrush again.

Now I just fill in any remaining details using a black metallic ink to add in areas of shading too. The metallic silver paint also have a textured finish which really enhances the figure and I found that the Tamiya Sumi black paint was super easy to use.


With all the above steps complete and the paint settled and dried, the Hulkbuster Mark II repaint is complete and I’m able to piece together my diorama scene and present my final shot.


A big thank you for joining me in this quick repaint Tutorial and you can see more of my work here on the Exclu platform in Issue 7 which can be read right now for free.

A huge thank you to Kenichiro for walking us through the backstory to this fantastic shoot and you can find more such works from the Japanese toy photographer over on his Instagram platform via @cgerock.

For all the latest tutorials and behind-the-scenes features, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: June 9, 2019

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