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This months theme is “Movie Recreation” and we’re challenging the community to recreate scenes from their favourite films using their collection of toys and a little imagination. This time its the turn of Alan Parma sharing his work :

thumbnail_Capt America-Civil War-Wanda

This photo recreates the pivotal scene where, in an attempt to protect Cap and the rest of the civilians from Crossbones’ attempted suicide bombing, she sends him and the explosion to an upper level of a nearby building, killing relief volunteers that included Wakandans, thus hammering the final nail into the ratification of the Sokovia Accords.

For the Crossbones explosion, I used my homemade “small” explosion from painted cotton, foamboard, and some wire to hook up to a figure. I then stuffed it with LED battery-operated string lights I bought from a dollar store to make it glow. For Wanda’s hand power effect, I used a red laser pointer. An orange bulb was used to further simulate the glow for the explosion.

thumbnail_Civil War-Wanda BTS - 1

I use minimal edits for my photos: mainly some exposure, saturation, and temperature adjustments.

A huge thank you to Alan for sharing his work for our Monthly Theme. Be sure to find more of his work via his Instagram portfolio @late_toy_show

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Last modified: January 9, 2019

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