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This months theme is “Movie Recreation” and we’re challenging the community to recreate scenes from their favourite films using their collection of toys and a little imagination. This time its the turn of  Daniel Ramirez sharing his work :


Firstly I set up the Asylum Diorama from Extreme Sets, a Mafex Batman Begins figure, my camera which is a Lumix G9 paired with my Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro lens, and lastly my lighting which was my iPhone X and my Aputure Amaran AL-M9 Light mounted on the hot shoe of my camera. Once set up I decide to experiment with different angles for a portrait shot but I didn’t like how they came up.

I already had the doors set up on the diorama so I decided to try the shot where he’s running through a hall of Arkham Asylum with the bats still flying around after he uses his sonar beacon to call them as “back up”. It took me roughly 20 takes with slightly higher and lower angles.


The original scene from “Batman Begins”

Once I decided I had enough shots of all the angles I transfer the RAW files to my PC. The next step after that is post processing in Lightroom. I mostly tweaked around the white balance, highlights, and shadows. I add some vignetting and soften the image sharpness. I then copy the Develop settings and Paste them to the other 19 shots and then decide which one I like the most.

I then export the chosen shot and I open the file in Photoshop. I spent most of my time here adding the bats, I make a separate layer and draw 8 bats and copy the layer several times and spread them out. Then I add motion blur to the bats to hide the fact that they’re hand drawn and for “effect”. Overall I spent 2 or so hours from the point I started shooting that specific scene to the end of post processing. I was happy with the end result overall, the white balance still doesn’t match the scene but it was already late and I needed to go to sleep so I left it at that. Other than that I like the shot and hope other people do as well.

A huge thank you to Danny for sharing his work for our Monthly Theme. Be sure to find more of his work via his Instagram portfolio @danny_r27

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Last modified: January 9, 2019

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