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The next Smuggler’s Bounty box from Funko and delivered by Amazon will be headed to Dagobah for its theme. The new box will channel Grand Master Yoda’s home in exile for its included goodies, which should included at least one exclusive Funko Pop, Pop Deluxe, or Pop Ride collectible, as well as a few other items. There will be 3-6 items in total, and the box is set to ship in February.

To order the box, you just need to head over to Amazon and choose if you want it to be a subscription, or just a one-time purchase. The box contents will not be revealed before you purchase though, so you will have to trust in Funko to provide some great Star Wars collectibles.


Current box – Dagobah
Take a trip to the Sluis sector of the Outer Rim territories with the Dagobah Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty box. Stroll across the planet’s swamp-covered surface, pay a visit to Jedi Grand Master Yoga or watch Luke Skywalker grow stronger in the force but make sure to avoid the swamp slugs.

Fun in every box:

  • Box contents change with every theme and may not include a t-shirt
  • 3 to 6 collectibles in every box, including an exclusive vinyl Pop!
  • Different Star Wars characters featured in every bi-monthly box
  • Thoughtfully curated boxes by fans for fans
  • Limited to 3 boxes per customer.

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(Original imagery and information from Amazon)

Last modified: January 6, 2019

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