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Throughout December we’ll be showcasing work from across the community in a retrospective project dubbed “My Top 3 2018”. Brian Rungkat (@akirajo9)  is up next in our series sharing his personal favourites from 2018 along with a few reason behind why he chose them. Its over to Brian to introduce their selection :

Terror of Godzilla 


  • Figure used = S.H.Monsterarts Godzilla 2014. 

Took weeks and hundreds of shots to get this right. Loved this one because its the first time i started used cut out and blending it with figure to make it look like the cover of a comic from which it was inspired from. And it started my Godzilla/kaiju craze. 



  • Figure used = Marvel Legends Cyclops.

Again this also took weeks and a lot of shots to get it right. mainly being, as all of my shots this all done tangibly. The beam is done by light painting.. and further enhanced by using atmosphere aerosol hence the glow. Hardest part of this shot is other the beam it self. one stray movement and the beam will be crooked and the starting point of the beam also needed to be adjusted. 

After many trials and errors and as well after gaining more muscles as a result finally got it right. And i won a local award for this particular pic, which made it even more memorable.

Zeon Attack 


I chose this one because this particular shot was my entry to A.C.B.A photo kombat for round 4. It got me through to round 5, unexpectedly (first time participating). This did not take me as long as the others to set it up, which is why I loved this shot. 

A huge thank you to Brian for sharing their 2018 favourite pieces and if you want to get involved and share your Top 3 then all you need to do is email with your 3 creations (toy shots, customs or dios) along with your name and a few paragraphs explaining your choices.

Be sure to catch more of Brian’s portfolio over on Instagram via @akirajo9

For all the very latest from across the toy community, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: December 19, 2018

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