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It was a bittersweet affair for me when my One/12 Collective Catwoman arrived at my doorsteps. After hearing so many horror stories from collectors about their Catwoman figure breaking right out of the box, I took the precaution of heating up her joints, especially her legs after unboxing the figure. I soaked the figure in warm water for a few minutes until her legs were soft enough for me to bend them. Thinking that I had soften the joints enough, I left the figure in a vanilla pose overnight.

I returned to the figure the next day and tried bending her legs and her right leg broke immediately after I tried bending it! That incident left me really heartbroken as I have paid a premium amount of money for this figure. I was cursing out loud at Mezco for having such poor quality control over their figures.

I reached out to the Mezco collectors community over at Facebook on how to fix the broken figure and all I got from them were that I should have heated up the joints before I start playing with the figure. Some even suggested that I asked for a replacement from Mezco themselves. Now just for your information, Mezco does not ship direct to my country, Malaysia. We collectors over here get our Mezco figures from third party suppliers and we don’t get warranty from them at all.



The Mezco Catwoman was one of my highly anticipated figure from the One/12 Collective line and I was so looking forward to getting the figure and take great pictures of it. This incident left me thinking whether I should continue buying upcoming figures from them at all. This was my second time experiencing QC issues with this brand, the first being their regular release of the Punisher figure. The peg broke on the figure’s right hand after having it for less than a week. I feel that Mezco should support international buyers of their product where they don’t ship their products directly. I don’t mind paying shipping fees to have replacement parts send out to me.

That being said, I was lucky enough that George Wong, the spokesperson for the team of artist and sculptors from Oldboy CTTS reached out to me for a solution to fix my broken Catwoman. He had the same issue with his figure as well and his team managed to fix it for him. I was able to put my figure back into one piece all thanks to the team and I started taking new shots of my Catwoman.

If not for the broken leg, I can tell you that this is one of the best comic book version of a 1:12 scale Catwoman figure out there. She may not have the best articulations but she is one sexy figure right out of the box. I love the fabric that was used for her costume and the sculpt and paint applications are top notch on this figure. I love all the accessories that came with her and surprisingly, the unmasked head is my favorite head from this package. That is very evident in this series of shots featuring this figure, the ones that feature the unmasked head are my favorite from this series.

I hope that you guys enjoy the shots that I have prepared for this article and do leave your comments below on whether will you still continue buying figures from the One/12 Collective line if you guys encountered such an experience as I had?

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Last modified: December 16, 2018

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  1. Rod says:

    How did you fix the broken leg?

    1. yingkeet0675 says:

      I used a giant paper clip and cut off a part of it so that I can use it as a sort of steel joint to connect back to thigh and the calf. I heated up the paper clip and inserted it into the thigh and sealed it with some superglue.

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