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Lego has long been the perfect entry into toy photography thanks to its accessibility and the multiple ways that we interact with it throughout the course of our lives. Every now and then though, when we think we have seen it all with Lego and its capabilities, we see another artist take it further that leads us to Hue Hughes. Presented here is a series of 5 narratives captured in one contained shot that show the magic of Lego and the art of play.

What follows is narrated by Hue :

“Never ever leave your wingman”

Never ever leave your wingman

When I was a kids I use to ride my bike in the woods near my house and pretend I was a Biker Scout on Endor. Many many years later I wanted to revisit that childhood memory. I constructed this elaborate and extremely large set of the moon of Endor using fake, tropical plants from a craft store along with coffee grounds for dirt and firewood that look like the giant red woods seen in Return of the Jedi.

I like to use elements for set design that don’t decay and can withstand the temperature shifts of my studio which also serves as a garage. It’s also good to note I only use a 28mm 2.8 lens and a single  fresnel light on all of my images for consistency. All of the effects except for laser blast and light sabers are practical.

“Are you a God?”

Are you a God

This image is as close to a happy accident as you can get. Shot as a hovering Boba Fett above Tatooine, I quickly noticed that it had similarities to Italian expressionist paintings from the 1500’s when color grading it on post. I took the opportunity to enhance the sky and lighting to make this bounty hunter seem other worldly.

The set design for this image is very simple using only a white background and spotlight combined with a fog machine to create the effect of real clouds.

“So many activities”

So many activities

Mustafar was a setting I wanted to try for a while but was a little intimidated by it. This one kinda happened by accident. I was shooting a Tatooine series and when color grading this image I thought how would it look with a red sky? After a few modifications I I ended up with a shot that looked very close to how Mustafar did in Revenge of the Sith. Only sand and fog was used on the creation of this set. The end shot when through heavy color grading to add in the lava planet  elements.

“Zed is dead baby”

Zed is dead baby

Enfy’s Nest is one of my favorite characters from any Star Wars film. I love what she stands for as well as how she was visually designed as a character. This shot is her riding into a pink sunset on Savareen.

Only simple elements including sand and fog were used. Color grading was used to add the pinkish hue to the shot. I got a lot of positive feedback to this color set on my instagram account. I plan to use a similar profile on a upcoming Bespin shoot.

“Magic legs”

Magic legs

One of my favorite scenes from Solo was the train heist. A classic robbery scene set in the Star Wars universe, specifically on an ice planet named Vandor. I wanted the capture the part where the Range Troopers walked the length of the train using their magnetic boots.

For this image I created a mountain facade for the background using construction paper and cardboard. The rail system the train uses was made from balsa wood and tape. I added baking power to simulate the ice cold environment.

A massive thank you to Hue for sharing these 5 miniature narratives with us and raising the Lego toy photography bar in the process. To find more of his work you can check out his own site

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Last modified: December 13, 2018

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