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“ Might controls everything, and without strength, you cannot protect anything. Let alone yourself.”― Vergil, Devil May Cry 3

Let’s get the confessions right out of the way…I’ve never played Devil May Cry. I haven’t even finished Battlefront II yet. Though I love them, I have very little time for video games these days.

That shouldn’t matter though, I recently reviewed Holly Golightly and I’ve only seen all of Breakfast at Tiffany’s in bits and pieces. Ok, that’s out of the way, I feel better, so let’s dive into the second of Asmus’s DMC figures, Vergil…


  • Authentic and detailed likeness of Vergil from Capcom’s Devil May Cry III with 32 points of articulation
  • Clothing including; Premium Leather wired blue coat, neckerchief, undervest (PVC), leather pants, and a pair of boots.
  • One pair of relaxed posture hands, one pair of fist hands, one pair of sword holding hands
  • One Yamato sword
  • One Force Edge sword
  • Figure stand



Having researched screenshots from DMC3 – which is the version of Vergil this figure is based on – I’d say this is a very accurate likeness. That said, this game was released in 2005, and facial details in video games were not what they are today. Rendering was still slightly “blocky” with textures mapped on rough, angular shapes. So while there is a basis to compare it to, there’s a little leeway for interpretation on the part of Asmus.

I think they’ve done a good job of bringing the likeness into the non-virtual world, with just enough of the manga-inspired feel to be able to identify it as the character without seeing the rest of it. Of course, the iconic, drastic hairstyle helps in that respect. That part of the sculpt almost straddles the line between chunky twenty-oughts video game hair and real-world locks. It works ok for a video game-based character, and I suppose you could get real hair “sectioned” like that with a lot of gel.

The paint is good, with a very even overall skin tone and just enough detail to take it from video game to human.



Generally, one of the stand-out features of any Asmus offering is the clothing and that holds up pretty well here too. The box this comes in would give you the impression that the jacket was an 18th-century style silk-like material. But more research shows that it was meant to be a take on that style but in leather. That said, this is a similar material to that of the Aragorn (slim version) jacket. The lining helps give it a bit more “heft” which feels better than the Aragorn one. It is wired in all the hems (aside from the cuffs) allowing you to shape it into some dynamic forms. Generally, this is a good thing (I’m pro wiring) and it works well for dynamic poses, but getting it back to a “museum pose” shape is quite a challenge.

The pants have a nice reptilian leather look and move well (might want to use some pleather treatment on them). The vest is a rubbery material. I’m guessing that this was meant to be a kind of heavy leather armor in the game. Underneath the vest, he wears a black neckerchief/cravat.

The boots are one piece and a stiff, pliable plastic. They look good, but these kinds of boots are not my favorite. Personally, I’d prefer a two-piece design (if they can’t be a leather material) – even if it sacrifices some realism up close – to allow for more dynamic poses. But as long as you’re using some kind of stand, these are fine.

Vergil’s accessories list includes three pair of hands; closed fists, semi-closed, sword holding hands, open hands, his trademark samurai-ish “Yamato” sword,  and the demon-forged “Force Edge ” sword.

This last has a detailed, skull-themed hilt and a plastic blade. Due to the width and length of this one, it would be pretty heavy if it were die-cast like the Yamato. It looks good though and the skull hilt is removable in order to get it into the gripped hand.

The Yamato sword is nicely detailed and is die-cast. It looks great as does the hilt with the yellow sageo – the cord that is tied around the waist.



The base body for Vergil is the Kaustic Plastic KP01A+ which is the base for many of Asmus’ figures. It’s a solid body with good articulation but of course, that depends on the amount and type of clothing that’s piled on it.

The elbows are double-jointed and have a good range of motion. The waist moves pretty well given the structure of the vest, even bending fairly well. The knees are limited to about ninety degrees, which normally would take this down a point, but it might be a good thing because stretching the pleather pants out probably wouldn’t be a good idea.

One thing I wasn’t enamored with is the neck/head movement. The neck itself is a silicone/rubber over a neck joint. The width of the neck seems a bit too wide for the sculpt and the opening in it, which causes it to “bulge” out in some positions. Some poses look fine, but when you really angle the head, it’s noticeable. Futzable to some degree, but a little annoying.

Overall, though you can get some cool poses out of him without being restriced too much by clothing.



Vergil retails for $199.  Considering everything that comes with Asmus’s mostly great and similarly priced Lord of the Rings figures, like Gimli or Boromir – including rooted hair, intricate clothing, and multiple pieces of gear and weapons (most die-cast), Vergil seems a bit high comparatively.

Now, licensing costs are a difficult thing to account for and it just may be that the Capcom fees for DMC might be more today than the LOTR fees were when Asmus acquired them. Aside from the jacket the rest of the clothing, while well-done, is somewhat simple and he comes with just hands and two weapons – only one die-cast metal.

If you’re a fan, it’s not going to matter and it’s still a sub-any-full-sized Hot Toys price so there’s that.



The more I played around with this figure, the more I liked it. Coming at it without much prior knowledge beyond the game title and character name, I was expecting to feel kind of “meh”, but it’s been a fun figure to futz and pose. Having looked at a lot of image/videos of the game, I think fans will be very pleased with this depiction of the character and of course, it’s almost a must if you have his brother, Danté.

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