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Throughout December we’ll be showcasing work from across the community in a retrospective project dubbed “My Top 3 2018”. Its great to be linking back up with Fachrizal Septian (@fachro who is up next in our series sharing their personal favourites from 2018 along with a few reason behind why he picked them. Its over to Fachrizal to introduce his selection :

Exclu always comes up with cool new feature just as this month with “My Top 3 2018”. This year has been memorable for me in regard to my works of toy photography. I have been learning a lot in posing technique, lighting, effect and so forth by joining several toy photography community groups. The communities certainly have helped me to enhance my skill. Recently I have been working with ACBA style, a style influenced by comic book themes and it performs tangible effect. In this opportunity, I would like to share My Top 3 during this year as a result of grind that I have done. However, one of them represents my sorrow in losing my friend.

Revenge Seeker

thumbnail_Revenge Seeker (1)

This shot is kind of vanilla posing of Thor and Gamora. I had an idea of performing both figure seeking revenge to Thanos. What makes this special is the process I had taken till I felt comfortable with the result. I had done several attempts (around 60 shots) before the final shot to get it right as what I wanted. I applied practical and tangible effect in creating those snow ambience. Snowfall effect was created by sprinkling wheat powder over the figure at faster shutter speed. Time, patience, and passion should be combined to find the perfect timing and shutter speed setting to capture the powder sprinkle.

Tattoo Buddy

thumbnail_Tattoo Buddy

The next shot is Colossus and Deadpool as accounted for my most liked post of the year on my Instagram. Actually this shot was inspired by, and much more like a recreation image from Erik Diziron’s artwork. I’ve tried to set the posing as similar as possible to the original artwork with tangible approach. This shot also got appreciation from the artwork creator as he promoted my shot to his IG story.



Finally, my last of top 3 but my most favourite must be this X-Men Blue Team grieving. Actually, I am not quite satisfied with the quality result of this set up. Nevertheless, the meaning inside is what has made me really love this shot. I took this concept just to describe my deep sorrow at that moment. I dedicate this shot to a best friend of mine who was killed in airplane crash JT-610 in October alongside 188 other passengers. He was on a duty trip for serving our country but tragically the plane where he was on board crashed and burned in the ocean. He left his wife and his two children in deep misery.

Those are My Top 3 2018. I consider this year has been a great year for doing toy photography since I can achieve more skills and express every feeling with it.

A huge thank you to Fachrizal for sharing his 2018 favourite pieces and if you want to get involved and share your Top 3 then all you need to do is email jack@Exclucollective.com with your 3 creations (toy shots, customs or dios) along with your name and a few paragraphs explaining your choices.

Be sure to catch more of Fachrizal’s portfolio over on Instagram via @fachro

For all the very latest from across the toy community, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: December 5, 2018

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