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Regardless of how you feel about the continuation of the Watchmen lore in both “Before Watchmen” and now “Doomsday Clock”, it is resulting in the release of tie-in figures including todays reviewing subjects, Rorschach & Mime. For this review we’ve linked up with Comics & Cocktails who provided the pack for free so that we could share our thoughts and gallery of the pack.


  • 1x Rorschach 7″ Figure
  • 1x Mime 7″ Figure
  • 1x Set of interchangeable hands for Rorschach
  • 1x Fedora Hat for Rorschach
  • 1x Grappling Gun


For starters its a well rounded pack with a few accessories for Rorschach but some may be surprised that there’s nothing for Mime but those familiar with the recent Doomsday Clock series will know that its all in the name. Mime as a character uses namesake mannerisms to mimic items such as guns hence the non-inclusion of any accessories. I would have liked to have seen some face swaps for Rorschach to convey the various blots which help to convey a variety of expressions but more on that in the final section.



On the surface its easy to look at this figure and sum it up by saying that whilst its not a ground breaking sculpt for details, it does fit the bill and is satisfactory. Starting with Rorschach the trench-coat is the area that receives the most attention with some nice ruffles and creases sculpted in alongside the toggles and waist band. All the components here as mentioned above are good without being great but I have to say that I feel the base is here for a good finish it just requires a bit more in the paint department.

One item that stands out is the grappling gun made for Rorschach by the second Nite Owl and its formed here pretty intricately which is a nice touch and does help to elevate the offering as a whole.

The Mime as a character relies so much more on his mannerisms then his personal costume which translated into toy form means we get essentially a “naked” body sculpt painted in his costumes colours as opposed to clothing sculpted on top. Now thats not to say that thats “bad” but it does mean that Mime feels a little lacklustre. The face is picked out ok too but I would have liked to have seen more expression present as its a pretty standard form and a character so heavily based upon the “Mime” art form should be capable of a far wider range of expression.

Out of the 2 figures in this pack its clear that Rorschach is the stand out with the most attention paid to him but thats not really a surprise as these new packs combine the new characters Mime & Marionette with sure-bets-for-sales characters like The Comedian & Rorschach.



The paint is the area where so much of a figures overall finish hinges upon. I thoroughly believe that the groundwork is here for a great figure with a good job performed on the sculpt particularly with Rorschach but I cant help feeling that a lot of the good work is undone by a very run-of-the-mill paint job. The trench coat which should be worn and faded and showing the wear and tear of Rorschach’s life is just presented in a single shade of brown and has a semi-gloss finish too. This just relegates the figure somewhat and I’m sure that at some stage in the future I’ll see a custom version with some weathering performed that will really breath life into this area of the figure but as it stands on the vanilla release, its leaves me wanting.

Mime suffers more here from the sculpt then Rorschach as a exaggerated expression more befitting the character would have allowed for a really impressive paint job to round out the look. Instead we get a plain face sculpt with a tame finish that just makes the figure feel a bit flat.

Above are some panels from the ongoing Doomsday Clock series which show just a few of the various and quite simple expressions that could have translated well here. They would have allowed extra details like wrinkles to be picked out and would have elevated the figure to something more highly regarded.




Again I find my self looking at these 2 as “middle of the road” as the articulation is once more good without being great. Its standard fare here and the same that you’d expect from both Marvel Legends and Black Series so yes you can achieve a variety of poses but I did find myself fighting against stiff joints in order to do so. I reiterate that what is done here is done ok its just not going to alter our understanding of what good articulation is which is a shame as I hold Watchmen in such high regard that I would have loved to have seen a modern 1:12 Rorschach tick all the right boxes.

One thing in particular that sticks in my memory from when I was shooting this is that the ruffles at the base of Rorschach’s trousers extended down slightly over the shoes which is a nice touch from a sculpt point of view but it did mean that I wasn’t able to achieve much ankle joint movement. Even on Mime where he doesn’t have such an impediment there was still a very limited range that only really allows for standing upright with various arms poses instead of more dynamic action based set-ups.



Our sponsors for this piece, Comics & Cocktails, currently have this pack listed for £45.99 with Free standard UK postage. The way I’ve looked at this is to split the pack in half and work out the value of the pack from there. Going by the total price and halving it would leave us paying £22.495 per figure which, at-least here in the UK, is in line with many Black Series and Marvel Legends releases so it sits nicely within that comfortable bracket. However only one half of the pack is really worth that as Rorschach comes with a hat, grappling fun and a different coloured pair of hands whilst Mime comes with nothing in addition to himself.

My belief is that ultimately you are paying a little bit more then its worth going off of the SRP here in the UK but it does seem to be the same price bracket for 2-pack figures in recent times such as the Iron-Man and Spider-Man Homecoming 2-pack so people do seem accustomed to paying a little over the odds for a combo pack.



Overall as pack it does have a good design value to it which I feel appeals to those who keep their figures in box but also those that break them out for Toy Photography. There’s no prizes for guessing that the pack is adorned in the staple bright yellow and contrasting black finish and honestly, for someone who is really into the Watchmen lore, it does feel special to be able to have a figure pack to sit alongside my collection of all the various literature. Yes there are some stumbling blocks here and some questionable choices which are geared towards making sure we don’t just buy the big star characters such as Rorschach but that we also take home the new characters too instead of leaving them warming pegs.

If you love the world of Watchmen then there is a lot here to appeal to you from the pack to the characters and I really look forward to seeing more of Rorschach and Mime in my Toy Photography feed in the weeks and months ahead as these figures a great base to get creative with and recreate iconic panels but also to create some new ones of your own.



This figure was provided for free from UK retailer Comics & Cocktails who offer free standard UK delivery on all orders and also they also ship overseas with some fantastic prices to be enjoyed. A huge thank you to them for supporting our platform via this review and we’ll have more to come alongside each other in the days ahead.

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