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“I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.”

I have been a huge fan of the Mezco One/12 Collective line since getting the red suit Daredevil last year. When they announced the pre-order for the Wonder Woman figure based on the Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot, I jumped at it. SH Figurarts and Mafex have released their versions of the Wonder Woman movie figures and I have stayed away from all of them. So, is the Mezco version the best 1:12 scale Wonder Woman movie figure out there?  Read on and find out.


  • 2x Wonder Woman heads
  • 1x Lasso
  • 1x Bendable lasso
  • 1x Sword
  • 1x Shield
  • 6x Interchangeable hands
  • 1x Display base & adjustable posing post



Let’s start with the default head that comes with the figure. I feel that it does its job as  Wonder Woman but not as Gal Gadot! Things get better after swapping off the default head with the alternate one. I can now see the likeness to Gal from certain angles. Collectors have complained that both the heads are slightly larger on the body but I am fine with it. I prefer the alternate head to the default one as the hair is sculpted to the back which allows for head movement as opposed to the default one where the hair is falling onto her shoulders and that hinders movement of the head.

Moving away from the head, Mezco has done a great job sculpting the armour and the gauntlets. You’ll find traces of scuffed marks on the armour as well as the gauntlets, which gives them a feel that she has worn them into battles over the centuries.  Do note that you can remove those gauntlets if you want to as they are separate pieces. This allow more options for toyphotographers who want to shoot Wonder Woman in a relax mode after a long day of battle with those gauntlets layed down on the floor. The sword and shield are also sculpted to show that they have also been used in a lot of battles. I noticed a lot of fine details on the God Killer sword and it looks really beautiful. My only gripe about the sword and shield is that they feel a bit light. Mezco should have made them a bit studier but that’s just my opinion.

Another thing to note too is that you can also remove the harness for her lasso and sword. Speaking of her lasso, she comes with two version. One that you can place on the harness and another one is a bendable type.



Both the headsculpts are painted nice and clean. The hair is not just painted straight black but you can also find traces of brown highlights on it as well. I love how fair and even the skin tone is on this figure, Mezco did a great job on it. The paint job looks fantastic on her uniform and it is very movie accurate. The God Killer sword and shield are also painted to have that battle weary look. Overall the paint application gets full marks from me for this figure.



Where paint application gets a 10/10 on this figure, it suffers in terms of articulations. Let’s start with the hands first, this figure only comes with single jointed elbows and she does not have any biceps swivel at all but she has a swivel at her elbows and wrists. This is a bummer as we all know that Wonder Woman is a skilled Amazonian warrior and we collectors will want to get her into all kinds of cool actions poses but sadly we can’t do that with this figure. Due to the fact that she only comes with single jointed elbows, we are not able to cross her arms to get her into her signature move where she clings her gauntlets together. The biggest disappointment in the articulation department of this figure is the single fact that she comes with zero waist swivel.

Another complaint of mine is that I find that the hands keep falling off from her arms. I thought it was the gauntlets that were pushing the hands out from the pegs but after removing the gauntlets and putting on the hands, they were still the same.

Things get better on her legs articulations. She can lift her legs up and do the spread as well. There is a thigh swivel on top, knees are well articulated although they are not double jointed but I still can get her into decent action poses. We do get ankle pivots on this figure. So the overall well articulated parts are located at the leg area. Overall, it takes some work to get this figure into action poses.





I got this figure at the retail price of $80, which is the normal asking price of a Mezco figure. For a figure that has poor articulations, I simply can’t recommend this to first time collectors who are interested in trying out the Mezco line. The male characters are better articulated as compared to the female ones in this line, I would recommend collectors to buy the male characters instead. This one is strictly for pure Mezco fans only.




I really love the overall design of this figure and it was my choice for a movie Wonder Woman figure to add to my collection. You really need to work around the limitations of the articulations to get better shots of this figure in terms of toy photography but it does its job if it were just being displayed on the shelves. It’s a beautiful figure to look at.



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Last modified: December 2, 2018

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