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“I’ll never get used to anything. Anybody that does they might as well be dead.”― Holly Golightly

We’re used to reviewing superhero, sci-fi, horror figures here at Exclu – this one’s a little different! No Jedi, no spandex, no weapons. I find it fun to break away from that stuff though and I have a few other figures in my collection that all come down to the sculpt and the tailoring of a suit or outfit with very little else to define them.

Holly is an iconic figure and she does have some defining accessories does she deserve a spot at the table with your movie icon figures? Take a seat, and let’s find out…



  • Holly dressed in black sleeveless “silk” dress, black glove sleeves, high-heeled shoes
  • Pair of diamond earrings
  • Jeweled tiara
  • Pearl necklace with diamond pendant
  • Sunglasses
  • Black handbag
  • Scarf
  • Cat figure
  • Cigarette holder and cigarette
  • Six (6) Pieces Of Interchangeable Gloved Hands Including; Pair Of Open Palms, Pair Of Closed Palms, One Left Hand For Cigarette Holder, One Right Hand For Handbag
  • Table with tablecloth (with deluxe version)
  • Chair with cloth (with deluxe version)




This is a very nice sculpt from most angles. The likeness is there and the sculpt and paint of the hair and tiara (which is part of the sculpt) is excellent, however. It’s always tough to make sculpted whispy hair and bangs look good without looking “chunky” and fake, but it’s handled well here and the satin finish mimics the sheen of her hair very well.

The head may be just a bit too wide. Not helping this impression is that the neck is a little narrow at the top. This is a difficult thing to correct though as having the top of the neck stem flare out a bit to meet the jawline more would limit movement of the head. So it’s a compromise, but it does give it a bit of a “doll” look which may not bother some but stands out to me.

The paint is good but seems to have lost a little bit of detail from the prototype shown, which is usually to be expected. This is mainly in the eyes. They seem a bit oversized on the production version, but I think part of that is the lack of the finer details that were present on the proto. The eyebrow position seemed a bit more relaxed on the proto as well. It doesn’t hurt the likeness, just the realism a bit.



Holly is dressed in her famous black dress, the original of which – my wife and Google told me – was made by Givenchy (sidenote: it sold for $914k in 2006 – the highest price paid for a movie costume.) It’s a pretty faithful rendition from my research. At first, I thought he waist was too “puffy-looking” comparing it to the famous photos, but some other, less prolific views show that it was very much designed this way.

I think the material for the dress was well chosen. It could have looked more “silky” but that material at this scale is often very stiff looking and doesn’t flow well because of it’s relatively lightweight, so this works.


Beyond the dress, she is wearing black, heeled shoes and the iconic long black gloves. These “gloves” are actually just sleeves that end at the wrist to allow for hand choices to be attached. This is the logical way to go for this and it fine except that I think the sheen of the two do not match well. Either the sleeves should have been shiny/silky or the gloves should have been more matte. The seam at the wrist end is also a little thick and doesn’t flow into the glove so up close it looks like two pieces no matter what. I don’t know of a different solution for this, however, so it’s likely the best it can be.

As for accessories, Holly comes with two pairs of matched hands (open and closed), one for holding her handbag, and one cigarette holding hand. The cigarette holder is glued/attached to this hand but can be removed pretty easily if you want to reposition it – it’s sort of awkward-looking the way it is out of the box. Also included is the black handbag which is solid plastic with a fixed handle, her cat – which looks very good – and a simple white scarf.


The two standout accessories are the pearl necklace with diamond pendant and the sunglasses. Both are well made – the paint on both is excellent – and fit and look very good on the figure.

For a few bucks more, the deluxe version of the figure comes with a table and chair/stool set with white covers for both. They look great on display with the figure but I wouldn’t say they are completely necessary. I would have liked to have seen the iconic coffee cup and pastry/bag included with either the standard or deluxe version.



Holly has a partial seamless body (the upper half), but of course, this is much slighter and more proportional than your average Phicen. Overall, the articulation is good and you can get her sitting, legs crossed at the calves, on the stool (included in the deluxe set) very nicely. The elbows have a good range of motion.

Balance is a bit trickier with the shoes she’s wearing and I wouldn’t trust it on the shelf without a stand.



The standard version of Miss Golightly comes in at around $220, with the extra table, chair and tablecloth adding another $17 to that for a total of $237. As I stated above, I’m not sure the table and chair are necessary, but for $17 extra it’s not a bad upgrade.

Overall, the price seems just a bit high to me. As I noted with Asmus’s Daisy Dormegue figure though, I’m sure this edition size is much smaller than your average superhero Hot Toy release so costs go up exponentially for parts which accounts for some of that price point. But I don’t think that the accessories are terribly complex (aside from maybe the glasses) with the necklace and cigarette holder being the only pieces that are likely hand painted aside from the sculpt. I think at, say, $180-190 it may have been more appealing to casual fans of the character/movie and movie figure collectors alike. But it’s still the best-looking Holly Golightly doll/figure available that I’ve seen (aside from some really high-priced one-off customs) and hard-core fans will likely be fine with the price.




I’m always a fan of something different in the 1/6th realm and I personally own a few niche figures that might not be something that works for everyone’s collection. It’s great that StarAce has taken a chance on producing Holly and their Marylin Monroe figures. If you’re a fan of Breakfast at Tiffanys or Audrey Hepburn, this is a great piece to have on the shelf. As with the character of Holly, deep scrutiny reveals some shortcomings, but this is the type of collectible you put in a classic pose and enjoy for a while before posing again, and most people will be wowed by it despite the minor issues.









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