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With the Power Rangers license jumping over to Hasbro earlier this year, we’re reviewing  White Ranger SHF from Bandai Tamashii Nations as the last hurrah from the line and we’re teaming up with Tamshii UK / The Cosmic Group to do it.


  • 1x White Ranger figure
  • 1x White Ranger Helmet
  • 1x Tommy head-sculpt
  • 2x Pair of interchangeable hands
  • 1x Open left hand
  • 1x Gripping right hand
  • 1x White Ranger Sword (Extended and withdrawn blade)




Now to be fair there isn’t a whole lot of sculpting to take into account here thanks to the  basic form of the MMPR outfit but what is present is done to a high standard. Let’s start with the iconic mask which is picked out really well with the White Tiger design and this continues down the the chest plate and logo. The shoulder pads, gauntlets, belt and leg bracers are equally as clean in their sculpting regardless of how simple the actual design is.


The sword is a standout area with the hilt in particular being well formed and both the short and extended blades look really good too and elevate the overall figure as valued accessory. The Tommy facial sculpt is painted in the same way as all other Bandai faces so it does suffer somewhat from the grid-like dot matrix up close but on display it does have a fairly good likeness of Jason David Frank.



The white body suit component of the outfit has a sheen to it that brings out a pearl-like finish which does bring a higher sense of quality to the figure. The gold also has that brushed look to it as opposed to a basic flat finish. The armoured areas on this particular figure I have in-hand are all really well painted with no running or defects so that point alone it’s a well put together Ranger. Ultimately the basic overall design of the classic White Ranger outfit does mean that there isn’t much to go off for both our Sculpting and Painting areas of the review but what is present on the figure is done to the standard that we have come to expect from a Bandai Tamashii Nations release.



Carrying on our previous point of what we’d expect from a SHF figure, well its all in the articulation. It’s what separates the line from others of similar scale and all the boxes are ticked here on the White Ranger. I found that the best range of motion came with the helmet on as opposed to the Tommy sculpt with the hair limiting the range somewhat. All those classic MMPR poses can be pulled off nicely here with very few limitations with the exception on the figure being the shoulder pads. I did also find that on my particular figure that the left hand peg would occasionally split and loosen the joint when posing but I found it a small price to pay but it does prevent a perfect 10/10 score.



Bandai’s SHF price-point here in the UK is always a point of contention as it vary’s greatly depending on your choice of supplier. If you go the official platforms then you can expect to pay £50-£70 which is a good price for the quality of the figure but some additional accessories here would have made that an easier price to swallow. Then of course there is the Amazon or Ebay method with stock being imported from Japan ahead of usual UK release dates and this price is normally always lower but ultimately can diminish the UK market – but whatever you choose there’s enough here to make up the cost.




As as an overall product the White Ranger carries the standards that we expect from Bandai Tamashii Nations but also see’s the Ranger license’s time with Bandai go out on a high now that it has found a new home with Hasbro. The facial sculpt of Tommy is a great addition as is the time taken to include both the short and extended blades which all culminates in a figure that allows us to play out the nostalgic MMPR action scenes from our memories.



All Exclu Reviews are scored out of a total of 50 points. For more from across the toy community, stay tuned to Exclu. White Ranger SHF figure provided for free by Tamashii UK / The Cosmic Group for promotional purposes.


Last modified: November 30, 2018

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