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“Once word leaks out that a pirate has gone soft, people begin to disobey you, and then it’s nothing but work, work, work, all the time.”
― The Dread Pirate Roberts

There are those movies that are the kind people say of them; “you either love it or you hate it.” The Princess Bride, I believe, is one of those movies that you either love or – unless you’re a complete curmudgeon – at the very least like. I mean what’s not to like? It’s funny, well-acted by a great cast, it has pirates, princesses, giant rodents, and of course, Andre the Giant.

Finally, and thankfully, Quantum Mechanix (QMx) has jumped in to create the first in what is hopefully (please, please!) a line of 1/6th scale figures from this timeless classic. They’ve started with a logical choice; the dual character of Westley/The Dread Pirate Roberts as played by Cary Elwes. He seems a decent fellow, so let’s take a look…



  • Movie-authentic clothing, including; one pirate shirt, a pair of black pants, pair of pirate boots, belt, and sash
  • Two head sculpts; one masked Dread Pirate Roberts and one unmasked Westley 
  • One leather-like sword belt with electroplated buckles and sword hanger
  • Nine interchangeable hands including; Seven gloved hands and one pair of bare sword-holding hands
  • Electroplated pirate sword and scabbard
  • Wine goblet
  • Figure stand with The Princess Bride logo




The dual nature of Westley/Roberts demands two looks for this figure and to accommodate those two looks, QMx has decided to provide two sculpts. This solution allows the headscarf to lie flat on Roberts’ head and give a full head of hair to Westley.

The Roberts head is excellent. The molded mask and cloth scarf are not removable, but again, that’s why you have a second sculpt. Yes, it’s easy to hide a likeness behind a mask and headcover, but the shape and details are there and are instantly recognizable to anyone who knows the movie (though don’t be surprised at how many of the uninitiated will say “Hey! Zorro!”)


The unmasked Westley sculpt is very good as well, shape, size, and features are mostly on, with the exception of the cheekbones being maybe a little too prominent. It suffers a bit from the paint used for the hair. Blonde is always a tough look to get right and there are several examples of that even in Hot Toys figures. It requires a lot of depth – layers of darker and lighter tones to get it looking passable and is a lot of work to be put into a mass produced figure. It’s fine though and looks good, though I expect Roberts is the look most will have on display – at least until Buttercup comes along (please, please, please!)




Black goes with everything as they say, and that’s especially true for pirates. The Dread one keeps it simple by wearing nothing but black. Beyond his headscarf and mask, Robert’s outfit consists of a tunic (or puffy shirt for the Seinfeld fans), tights, sash, sword belt, and boots.

All are very well-made and fit perfectly on the well-chosen, average-build body. The belt has a well-detailed, electroplated buckle/tip and has a nice leather-look to it. The sash wraps around under this. Overall, a very simple clothing set, but very accurate to the film down to the number of eyelets on the collar and buttons on the sleeves.


Accessories include the hands – nine of which are in the box for just about every pose you’d want; sword-toting, goblet-holding, princess-hoisting, cliff-grabbing, etc. Seven of these are gloved hands and two are bare. All pretty easy to swap out despite the long gauntlets.

The scabbard also has electroplated detailing on the top and bottom and the sword is beautifully done. The detail is fantastic and the electroplating makes up for it not being die-cast – makes it nice and light too. I like metal swords and all, but sometimes they are just too heavy for those tiny joints to hold up. Being plastic and delicately detailed does make it a bit fragile, however, so take care when putting it in the sword hands – prying the fingers open a bit and placing it in the hands while holding the blade is the way to go. Also included is a simple, TPB branded stand.




Articulation is overall very good, joints are solid on the body, knees and elbows are double jointed and due to the light clothing, you can get a lot of bend/twist at the waist. The wrist movement is hindered a little with the gloved hands on, but still good due to the gauntlet part being flared away from the wrist.

The boots are somewhat flexible, but not enough to allow any side-to-side ankle movement. You can get pretty much any swashbuckling pose you’d need here, you just may need to use the stand for some wide stance displays.


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Roberts/Westley retails for $199, less than your average Hot Toy but more than Qmx’s excellent Star Trek figures by around a Jackson. It’s still a decent price for a franchise 1/6th figure, but comparing him to Kirk or Spock in terms of accessories, he falls a bit short. He does come with two sculpts, however, which does add cost so you have to factor that in. I’m not sure what else you could include with Westley, either. A rodent of unusual size (R.O.U.S.)  perhaps? But that would bump the price up quite a bit I’d suspect – I’d be OK with that though (might make a good Buttercup accessory QMx…).


The-Cliffs-Of-Insanity-1200 copy


This is a great start to what I hope is at least three or four figures from The Princess Bride. QMx has already shown a prototype of Inigo Montoya at trade shows, and it looks like it will be really nice as well. Hopefully, Buttercup is not far behind and, dare I dream…Fezzik?

Westley is a very well constructed, solid figure with accurate clothing and well detailed – if a bit sparse – accessories. You’ll likely display it with the excellent Roberts sculpt, but the Westley sculpt is nice too. The packaging is great – I’ve never wanted to display a box with a figure until this one – it’s just an inspired design and beautifully done.

Bottom line is, if you’re a fan you’ll be extremely happy with this figure and if you are, be sure to tell others and let QMx know you want more!


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Last modified: November 26, 2018

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