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With the date of the Home release of Ant-Man & The Wasp just around the corner it makes for a perfect time to dive into the SHF Ant-Man & Ant set alongside Tamashii UK. Hear our thoughts alongside a full gallery below :


  • 1x Ant-Man figure
  • 1x Ant figure
  • 3x Pairs of interchangeable hands
  • 1x Stand for Ant figure





Straight off the bat this set is getting a near perfect score with another in a long line of examples as to why Bandai’s SHF line is one of the most intricate 1:12 lines available. Everything here is picked out crisply from the helmet detailing down to the textured red areas of Scott’s suit and utility belt all combine to form one of the best pieces I’ve seen so far this year. It’s a lot of fun to be around a figure that is as detailed as this with the helmet being a particularly good example of just how good a 1:12 figure can be.

The additional touches of the ruffles and creases in the suit make for a grounded figure that is aware of its own reality and it goes along way in helping to strike some realistic poses too. If you get the sculpt of a figure right then generally speaking, you’re onto a winner.


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from the Ant figure which is only really included here due to licensing issues in the UK meaning that many SHF figures that are sold through official channels come with some form of “Deluxe” component to place the item into a non-contested price bracket. That said, Bandai have put the work in the create a sculpt that is detailed with textures and character which doe’s hold up alongside the Ant-Man figure.





I’m struggling to find anything here to detract from another near perfect score with each area picked out cleanly and well within its bounds. The added inclusion of silver trim around various suit components is a nice touch where some other lines would shirk the duty and just leave it black. The silver helmet has a nice brushed steel look to it which is contrasted nicely against the bold red stripes that lead into the eyes which in this case are simply semi-translucent red plastic cutouts. The only thing I would have liked to have seen would be some eyes picked out under the red visors lens just to bring Scott out a bit more but besides that Bandai ticks all the boxes.




There’s not much to cover here as the Ant is all formed of a single shade of black with the exception being the eyes which are slightly glossier and the saddle for Scott which is picked out in the usual red and silver highlights. Everything here is kept neat and tidy and to the point.





Bandai have been getting Articulation in their SHF line right for a long time now and this set really is no different. The whole range of movie and comic poses can struck here with ease with the range of joints present providing a fantastic core figure. The double jointed knees and elbows aren’t breaking new territory but that’s because they don’t really need to – the tried and true SHF model work’s just as well here as it ever has done. The shoulder pads do restrict some small movements but thats more in the field of the actual character design rather then a fault that the figure has.


Another welcome surprise with what could have been a throwaway inclusion as the Ant figure has a good sphere of articulation with moving areas including the wing joints, legs and the antennae which is all you can really ask for in a figure like this.




The area that is always the most trickiest to navigate is that of the Price as its very subjective to your own situation. Here in the UK this set retails for around £80-£90 and then a choice has to be made. Do you go through these channels and pay this SRP or do you use Amazon or other import methods to get the standalone Ant-Man SHF for around £45-£55. We’d always lean towards supporting the UK market and those platforms using official distributors as the value in this set is very evident with the Ant actually bringing a lot of fun and opportunity to the set. Our final comment would be that yes this set is worth the SRP here in the UK but of course only you can decide what you pick up and for how much.



Overall Bandai have continued their recent string of successes within the SHF line with another fantastic release. What could have been a cobbled together set has actually turned out to be a great pairing with both figures bringing their all to the table and it’s been a lot of fun photographing them and really bringing their character to the forefront. For those in-box collectors theres a great big viewing window allowing for a good look at both figures inside and the package is marked out in the Ant-Man & the Wasp marketing media but Id strongly urge that you break this one out just for the articulation alone.


For more from across the toy community, stay tuned to Exclu. Ant-Man & Ant SHF set provided for free by Tamashii UK / The Cosmic Group for promotional purposes.


Last modified: November 23, 2018

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