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With the Doomsday Clock comic run in full swing and ramping up to its impending conclusion alongside the rumblings we keep hearing about the HBO Watchmen series, it seems a good time to take a look over the state of the figure line as I’m joined by Spencer to discuss.

Back in February we reported on the revealing of the Doomsday Clock 3 Pack as we were given our first look at the 3 upcoming 2-pack featuring Rorschach and Mime, Comedian and Marionette & Ozymandias & Dr Manhattan.

This is what Spencer had to say on the packs based purely on the promo images :

The new Doomsday Clock figures are a very intriguing line for me. First, I am a HUGE Watchmen fan, and a fan of the new Doomsday Clock series, so the fact that we are getting some of these iconic characters in figure form is great, and I really hope DC puts out a line of comic Watchmen figures too! So, overall, I really like this line and am excited to add them to my collection. Some things I wish were a little different though… I do not like the two-pack idea, makes sense from a business standpoint to include the new characters with the classic characters, but single pack, or just one double pack with the two new characters together. Next, I wish the figure came with some more accessories. Rorschach should have several different “face” or “mask” options. More weapons, and other accessories would be nice.

Overall, I am happy with the line, really because I think we need more quality comic book Watchmen character figures. The figures are not perfect, but excited to add them to my collection.


Now I know that there are some out there already from the days of the Snyder films release but I’ve never managed to peg them down at a decent price. There’s a whole variety of there from mini-busts to 1:6 scaled figures with many being debuted back at SDCC 2008. Take a look below for a selection of figures that all released prior the recent rebirth of the license :

Our favourite of the bunch? The 2010 Hot Toys 1:6 Comedian figure based on the 2009 Snyder film which came with some great accessories and that quality finish that is nearly always associated with any HT release. Take a look at the official product gallery :

As much as I love and revere the original Watchmen release I’m still a sucker for anything released since including Before Watchmen and now Doomsday clock and its for the main reason that I can’t get enough of the characters. The more this license is brought back into the mix, the more likely we are to get a more consistent line of figures utilising modern technology such as far more realistic facial sculpting. I mean just imagine if by some quirk of fate that Bandai had a run with the line and created Watchmen SHFiguarts!

What we do have right now though is the new 2-packs from the Doomsday Clock run and thanks to Comics & Cocktails we have our hands on Rorschach & Mime which we’ll be reviewing later this week. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on the state of the line and what you’d like to see spin out from the recent increased activity with the Watchmen universe of characters and head over to Comics & Cocktails to pick up the 2-pack for yourself.


For all the latest commentaries and previews, stay tuned to Exclu. Rorschach & Mime 2-pack provided for free from Comics & Cocktails for promotional purposes.

Last modified: November 22, 2018

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