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Article by guest contributor Ivan Martinez (@ivantot_pf)

“We have a Hulk!”

It’s greener, it’s meaner. Here is Bandai’s latest release from the S.H. Figuarts line featuring Hulk from the movie Avengers: Infinity War. Presenting a far superior upgrade from its predecessor, it’s a must for all fans and collectors of The Incredible Hero.


  • 1x Hulk figure
  • 2x Interchangeable hands (left and right)
  • 2x Interchangeable head sculpt




A perfect 10 for a 1/12 figure. Compared to earlier designs, this has been produced very well representing the green hero from the big screen and comic books. The three head sculpts included convey the character’s menacing looks. Its screaming face is definitely my favorite. Standing at 210mm (8”) tall, it towers most of my collection.


The muscle shapes are bulky and heavily defined. Some nerves sculpt protruding from the arms, hands, and calves give an overall awesome touch. The legs are somewhat bigger compared to the previous release, making it a better scale to the figure. I am pretty pleased about its appearance. It gives me ease while shooting, which I highly consider when taking photos of my toys.




No miss on this one. The darker shade of green looks way better compared to the light green and yellow of Hulk from AOU. Its green tone gives the Hulk figure a more accurate and perfect look. Shading details make the muscles more defined and attribute to the hero’s gigantic built. I am confident with SHF in painting their figures, no worries about that.



The figure features a butterfly joint which makes it easy to create poses that the Hulk usually does. I tried to pull back the arms from the shoulder and it showed no difficulty at all. The heavy figure is even able to stand on a single foot, which is really amazing. The joints are tight and maintaining a pose is not a problem.

Bending the torso for an ab crunch is particularly superb when trying to lower its back to recreate a fearsome look. If you are wondering about the Hulk’s infamous Thunder Clap, that would not be possible as its arms can only reach a certain point further out. Nevertheless, the variety of poses that one can do with this figure is impressive.




Luckily, this is a regular release from Bandai. Comparing with the first release figure sold at £63 (9,130¥ / $80) , it is cheaper at £42 (6,197¥ / $53)  from Amazon Japan which is where I picked mine up from (excluding any postage I paid on-top). It is really well priced considering the size, design, and overall semblance of the figure. Now of course these prices will vary depending on where you are in the world but going off of my experiences, I feel that the figure in its entirety is well worth what I paid.




It is a beautifully done piece of artwork. It presents Hulk like how it should be from the movie. Easy to pose, stable, and has outstanding articulation which works amazingly well, giving photographers and hobbyists the opportunity to do whatever they want with the figure. The included head sculpts expertly capture the green guy’s emotions he is known for. With an excellently designed massive body, this is one powerful figure released by Bandai.


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Last modified: November 30, 2018

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  1. Alvin says:

    Amazing review. Was that £42 including postage?

    1. exclucollective says:

      Its a straight up conversion so it’d be impossible to find it for that price here in the UK but Ivan has stated that the Yen price listed did not include any postage he paid on-top of the figure.

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