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We welcome Jonah Chew back to the platform on the final day of Marvel Knights week as he talks us through his love affair with the grittier side of the Marvel Universe :


It’s been Daredevil fever ever since Netflix’s 3rd season was released a few weeks ago. I love the new season so much so that I went on to watch Stardust, the movie with Charlie Cox that came out a few years ago. 


Daredevil season 3 is pretty amazing and is very tightly and well written, exploring the basics of Matt Murdock, while taking strong references from the Born Again comic arc. It’s really a sigh of relief (for me) that at the end of the last episode, Matt and Fisk finally came to a truce. 


Throughout the series, Matt (Cox) dons a new version of the black suit from the first season, as he claims to have “outgrown” the red armour. I wasn’t a big fan of the black suit initially in season 1, however I grew to love it this season. It’s really a good take on it  so I actually revisited my custom make of the black suit from season one, with an upgrade – the body itself. I switched to an even more muscular body more fitting and physically nearer to Charlie Cox’s physique, re-aligned and tightened the ropes on his gloves –  I’m glad I made the change’s for this figure! 


Onto the red suit now, because what’s a Daredevil piece of content without mentioning about the red suit? In this new season, ONLY Pointdexter gets to wear it, and even Cox is jealous of that (watched it somewhere in an interview). I really like the gritty realism and practicality of the tactical suit, much like how Special Forces actually need a suit/fighting gear for their ops.


The red is not as bright as the comic version, perhaps to reflect the gritty, grim world that the Netflix MCU characters inhabits. The character naturally has different shades of red, from the glasses to the rest of the costume, 

For this Marvel Knights shoot, I’ve used some simple diorama that came along with the Age of Ultron Iron Man figures (Mark 43 and 45). I thought it’d be cool to pose Ghost Rider and Punisher along the robots, re-imagining what if they’re there fighting Ultron’s minions too?


In the Ghost Rider shot, the flames and hell fire were highlighted to make him more badass. I have always liked the Ghost Rider as a character, but hadn’t exactly read a lot of his comics, nor seen his movies and his full appearance in Agents of Shield – I only watched his AoS clips on youtube. What attracted me is the design mostly. I mean, a flaming skull biker? It’s amazing! And when Hot Toys decided to release this as an exclusive last year, I knew I just had to have it. I still remember rushing down to the toy convention, only to realize it’s sold out. Because collectors and flippers were staying over the night before to purchase it so sadly I got mine at flipper price.


The Punisher Netflix series is a big personal favourite too. I like how he and Micro worked together, the humour, trust, how their strengths complement each other. Jon Bernthal is a badass actor and the figure is wicked too. It has an aura emitting from it if you look closely to it. The figure can be used with lots of accessories, especially guns and the different fire power the series displayed. Here I was trying to strike a pose in a more dynamic way, on top of some Ultron bits sniping and knifing them, although I know a rifle makes more sense.


I also like placing the figures on my desk, I call them the “Table Shots”. Amidst some stationeries, lamps and all, I feel that having the figure placed among them brings out a certain feel that aside from being so cool, well made and detailed, they are also so compact and mini, to be able to be placed on a desk.

The 3 of them are dark in nature, be it their character design or the story and world they dwell in. By raising a little warmth in tone, as well as using the reds in the flames and Daredevil’s suit, I want to bring out the contrast from the darker blacks with the brighter reds.


So there you have it, my take on the Marvel Knights, with Hot Toys. Hope you enjoy it.

A massive thank you to Jonah for a great look into the the most prominent characters associated with our Marvel Knights theme and you can catch more of Jonah over on his Instagram via @hottoysphotography & his Facebook via Hot Toys Photography.

For more from across the toy community, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: November 30, 2018

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