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While many DC/Justice League fans are clamoring for a Cyborg announcement, Hot Toys instead is going back to the well and releasing a repaint of it’s previous Wonder Woman release.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually love this recolor/take on the character and even though I’m not a big DC fan, I might even consider this. Personally, I think this is the pallet that the movies should have had, but that’s for another column.


It looks like she comes with all the same accessories as the original Batman vs. Superman release although they’ve left out the upper arm braces and the top of the boots look to have changed a little, shape-wise and don’t have the straps that wrapped around the back of the knee. The head sculpt though, I’m sorry to say, looks to be the same – or similar to – the one previously used for the BvS Wonder Woman, which is too say, it’s not that good.

Said sculpt comes with rooted hair and the body is the same seamless one as the previous version. Also included:

  • One specially tailored red, blue, and gold colored Wonder Woman armor
  • One brown-colored leather-like strap 
  • One pair of gold and silver colored greaves
  • One pair of red and gold colored boots
  • One engraved sword
  • One shield
  • One (1) piece of rope (Lasso of Truth)
  • One pair of fists, one pair of relaxed hands, one right hand for holding the sword, one left hand for holding the shield
  • Specially  designed WW branded stand


No word on price yet, but we should be seeing it up for pre-order soon. What do you think…will you be picking this one up? Would you like to see “concept” Batman and Superman figs in their classic colors?




Last modified: November 9, 2018

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