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It’s no secret that one of my favorite Star Wars figures is Captain Phasma. What can I say, except that I have a thing for super tall, dominant women. So with that in mind, today we are going to take a look at Proxima Midnight from Avengers: Infinity War. The character does check off a lot from my “Will I have an unhealthy obsession with her?” checklist, so let’s take a look at the figure and see if she measures up (see what I did there?).


  • One (1) action figure
  • One (1) spear
  • One (1) Thanos Build-A-Figure piece

So right out of the box, I have to say that I am little underwhelmed. I know she is a hulking beast of a woman, and takes up a lot of space in the box, but besides for a very plain, way too thin and bendy spear, she doesn’t come with a lot. The one spear she does come with is so weak, I don’t even consider it an accessory. The plastic used is so thin, and the spear is so long, it has a tendency to bend in all the wrong places. And before anybody says “That’s what she said”, let me say that it does not bend in the correct way!! There are no special paint apps on it, and while the detail is decent, I feel that due to it’s weak nature, it’s just a waste of plastic.





When you first take a look at Proxima, you think she is full of insane detail, but once you actually open your eyes and take a look, you will notice that there honestly is not a lot going on. Yes, there is this weird texture of lines sculpted throughout her entire body, there is not a whole lot else.

The body is pretty plain, just scaled up to a larger female figure. There are tiny armor pieces on her left arm and shoulder, as well as her right leg, but even those are pretty plain. But what about all those little lines you may be asking. Well, they are there, and they are all completely sculpted, but honestly, they are not very special.


Her head is probably the best part of this figure, but even that feels a little flat and uninspiring to me. Yes, there are some pretty decent details in there, but there is no single piece that really jumps up and says “Holy shit! Look at that!!”. The hair is sculpted nicely, but unfortunately it is sculpted in a way that really interferes with articulation. The face looks extremely flat, and while I know this is an alien character, it just looks like they gave up, and didn’t really finish the sculpt.


So at first glance, I would have thought there would have been a much higher score on the sculpting, but once you look at it and start seeing all the BLAH, I think giving it a seven is pretty generous.



Well, this is not looking very good for this becoming one of my favorite female characters so far, and unfortunately, the paint does absolutely nothing to help the situation. While most of the paint consists of this dark grey and white scheme, it is done so incredibly sloppy, it makes me wonder how Hasbro has turned out some incredibly painted figures in the past. Did they fire all of their real talent and hire a bunch of 3rd graders to come in and try to stay in the lines?


There are paint splotches everywhere, and there are not many lines that are actually neat and clean with no paint bleed. With such a limited pallet of colors, it’s really important to nail those colors, and they are so far off on this figure, it isn’t even funny.


There are some other splashes of color, like the gold for the armor, but if this is supposed to look like metal, or any type of hard coated armor, it fails completely. Again, it is very flat, and looks incredibly bland, and really just looks like plastic sitting on one of her arms and legs. The failures run so deep with the paint here, it’s hard to keep talking about it, so let’s just end it here and say that yes, there is paint on the figure, but no, it is not done very well.



Ok, Hasbro has been doing a good job lately on their figures, so this articulation score is really going to bring up the total average right? WRONG!!! She does have all of your standard Marvel Legends articulation, but unfortunately there are some epic fails that really bring down the total score.


Let’s talk about the negative parts of the articulation first so I can finish on a decent note, and pretend I’m not totally ragging on this figure. Remember when we talked about the hair earlier in the review? Yea, it’s back to haunt us. The head does not look up at all because of the sculpt of the hair. It is sculpted so close to her neck, and is a really hard plastic, that she cannot look up at all. Now I know that she is pretty tall, and probably does not look up to many people, but just a little bit of movement would be nice.


The next drawback is the ball joint in her upper chest. While I usually love a ball joint because it allows for some great movement, for some reason, hers just does not move that well. You get more side to side movement than you do front and back, and none of it is all that great. She also has zero articulation at the hips, so the very limited movement you get out of the upper body is all you get.


The rest of the articulation is pretty standard stuff. The shoulders rotate all the way around, followed by upper arm rotation. She does have double jointed elbows that allows her to almost touch her shoulder. No lower arm rotation with a standard wrist joint.

She does have decent leg movement, but unfortunately without any type of body movement, really doesn’t do a whole hell of a lot. There is a thigh cut which allows for rotation, followed by a double jointed knee which allows her to almost kick her own ass. There is no boot cut, and she has a decent ankle joint. So there you go, I finished on a high note!!



Proxima is your standard $20 price tag, which is good, but I feel the figure is so weak, that it seems like a bit of a let down. Price is good, but considering what we have been getting with Marvel Legends figures recently, this one really feels like they skimped out.



Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy! That is the word that keeps coming up when I look at this figure, or even try to pose her. Now I know I’m not the best figure poser around, but I found myself getting pretty frustrated with trying to find anything but a straight up and down pose. The paint is sloppy, the sculpting is sloppy, and the articulation is pretty weak.

You know those figures that you want to stand on top of the tallest building and shout about how awesome it is? Well, with this one, I feel like stuffing it under a couch cushion and forgetting that I have it. I hope my friends don’t see me playing with it, but unfortunately, it’s the only Proxima Midnight I have, so I guess she stays in the collection for just a little bit longer.

Proxima Midnight_LongVerdict

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Last modified: November 5, 2018

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  1. Dazz Croft says:

    Great review. I too love the strong female characters, but this figure sounds like a letdown

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