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Its Anime & Cartoons week across the Exclu platform and this gave me an opportunity to do a few exclusive shots that would center around characters from the Star Wars Rebels animated series . It all started with the group shot of Sabine Wren, Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus that I have completed for my submission to this week’s theme, so it hit upon me to try some more shots of these characters by focusing on the three main subjects above in a certain scenario/story.



The first one focused on Hera Syndulla where I imagined a cool concept that she has been captured by bounty hunters 4Lom & Zuckuss by making their guest appearances in the animated series. These two bounty hunters would be the main antagonists in this series of mine. Apart from focusing on each member from the Rebels team, I also assigned  different colors in terms of lighting that complements the main character. For this scene, you will notice that I incorporated green and blue color tones for Hera Syndulla. Here we have Hera being captured by the bounty hunters and they were going to do an exchange of sorts for her release with Sabine Wren.



The focus shifts from Hera to Sabine in this second shot from the series. Sabine shoots 4LOM on the head and rescues Hera. This is my favorite among the three shots done for this Rebel series. I picked the color purple to represent the Sabine character in this shot. It was a whole different concept when I was setting up this shot, the original idea was to have 4LOM coming after Sabine but the 4LOM figure just kept falling down! It came to a point where I got so frustrated with it that I just had him falling down after getting shot by Sabine and it turned out better than my original idea.



Having their hands full with 4LOM, Sabine and Hera have forgotten all about Zuckuss who was about to raise his blaster on them. This is when Kanan appears and ignites his lightsaber for the final confrontation with the remaining bounty hunter. The color tones for this shot was blue to match the color for Kanan’s lightsaber. I had a fun time setting this series of shots for this week’s theme and do read on as I have prepared a short behind the scenes tutorial on how I setup one of the scenes from this series.


Here’s a little behind the scenes tutorial on how I set up the shot for The Rescue scene.



2 Xiaomi Mi Yeelight LED Smart Lightbulb (these are multi colour lights which can be controlled via wifi from our smartphone, these are cheaper than those from Philips)

1 LED torchlight for the white light shined at the Sabine Wren figure.

1 Nova Revol sci-fi diorama set with light up features.

1 Canon EOS 1300D camera with kit lens on a tripod.




I used an iOS app called Lens FX to create the blaster and flames effects on the shot.

I hoped that my behind the scenes tutorial will be useful for you guys and that you enjoyed the shots from this series!

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Last modified: November 3, 2018

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