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“What if he doesn’t survive? He’s worth a lot to me.”
― Boba Fett

Speaking of value, it’s always nice to have a box full of accessories to go through whenever you buy a 1/6th figure, isn’t it? There are those lower-to-mid priced figures that come with not much more than a weapon and a change of hands, but it’s nice when you get one in the average price-range that’s chock full of goodies!

The Boba Fett Deluxe Version is such a figure. This is the Boba we all fell in love with from the (arguably) best Star Wars movie yet made; 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back. While the standard version is great, this is one of those figures that, if you have the means, you should spring for the deluxe offering.

Let’s dig in…



The standard version includes:

  • An authentic and detailed likeness of Boba Fett in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
  • Newly crafted Boba Fett Mandalorian helmet
  • Movie accurate clothing including; gray flight suit, yellow cape, Mandalorian armor with weathering effect, leather-like brown belt with pouches, one pair of green gauntlets, one pair of yellow knee guards, one pair of brown boots
  • Seven pieces of blue-colored interchangeable gloved hands including; One pair of fists, One pair of relaxed hands, One pair of hands for holding weapons, One gesturing left hand
  • Blaster rifle with battle-damaged effect
  • Blaster pistol sidearm
  • Jetpack with weathering effect
  • Survival knife, Sonic beam weapon, anti-security blade, jetpack adjustment tool
  • Figure stand with nameplate

The Deluxe version also includes:

  • Newly developed interchangeable Boba Fett’s Mandalorian helmet with unique markings
  • Clothing refecting the movie pre-production look including; green colored cape with weathering effect, one light brown colored pouch, red-orange colored pouch, one yellow colored left arm gauntlet, one red-colored right arm gauntlet, one pair of spats
  • Seven pieces of dark red and light brown colored interchangeable gloved hands including; One pair of fists, One pair of relaxed hands, One pair of hands for holding weapons, One gesturing left hand
  • Blaster pistol with stock
  • Green, yellow and white color jetpack with weathering effect





This is a great Boba Fett helmet. I will leave the final judgment to those obsessed Fett-Fans who pull out a micrometer to measure the radii and withs of every contour, but to my eye, this is one of the best in 1/6th.

The weathering and marking on the standard (movie-accurate) helmet and in fact all of the armor is nearly perfect – or as close as I imagine you can get for mass-produced pieces. The scale of the helmet seems right, but my micrometer is broken so take that with a grain of Crete salt.


The Deluxe, pre-production helmet is also very accurate to the pre-production prototype version 1 (which is what this is based on), right down to the splotchy paint scheme on the back neck piece.

All-in-all, a solid sculpt and paint app!




Common to both looks is the grey jumpsuit, chest, back, clavicle, and groin armor, kneepads, red waist wrap, small utility pouches, Wookie braids, and right shoulder armor. The rest can be swapped out for the two looks, with the addition of light grey ankle “spats” for the pre-production look.

The Pre-Pro look seems to be a combo of the Version 1 and 2 Prototype Fett costume, with the helmet being from the V1, and the clothing from the V2. The clue being the leather utility pouches in the belt (which were metal in the V1). From the images I can find, the jumpsuit may have been a slightly darker blue-grey on the proto, but it’s close enough for me. The weathering on the chest armor was slightly different on the proto too, but as it’s attached to the jumpsuit, that can’t be helped. It’s not a huge difference, but it may drive the purists nuts.

All the tailoring is up to Hot Toys standards, and the chest armor on mine at least is perfectly spaced – something that had been an issue on the RotJ version and still is on a few I’ve seen. The capes are nicely weathered and wired for some cool wind-blown looks.



Accessories-wise, there’s not much more you could ask for. All the tools he carries in his shin-pockets are included along with the film accurate blasters and prototype blaster rifle. The detail on the gauntlets is fantastic and as with the helmet, the armor is weathered to match the 1:1 version nearly perfectly. The stand is a rehash of the grated flooring from most of the ANH figures with an orange insert this time. I’m guessing they were trying to approximate the bespin flooring without having to create a new mold.

Two jetpacks are included for the two looks. As with the RotJ and other Fett releases, this is a little tough to get attached. The loop that the pack hooks into are extremely elusive and it makes me wish the whole thing was just magnetic as the bottom half of it is.

On the whole, though, this is an excellent reproduction of the on-screen suit with just some minor differences in the pre-production version if you’re looking closely.




Articulation is very good overall and on-par with your average semi-armored Hot Toy figure. Knees and elbows are double jointed and elbow movement is great. Knees are hampered just slightly by the knee pad rocket launchers (yes, they’re rocket launchers). Thigh movement is lessened because of the groin armor, so a full sitting position is difficult if not impossible, but who wants their bounty hunters sitting around anyway?


The shoulder armor is attached to the sleeve, so it doesn’t hamper movement there and the turn radius of the waist is surprisingly good for everything going on in that area, although forward/backward bending is about as good as you’d expect with a belt full of pouches and abdomen armor.

The wrists are the exception, especially on the left arm, but the design of the gauntlet means it was likely limiting on the original suit as well.

You can get some great dynamic poses from Mister Fett and his balance is very good even without the stand.




For a mere $32 difference (at Sideshow anyway), the Deluxe version ($267) gives you quite a lot of bounty for your buck. Granted, unless you go the route of buying a second standard version, or piecing another together from parts, you’ll only be able to display one version at a time. But if you love the look of the pre-proto or just want the option of switching it up now and then, you can’t go wrong. And if you find you don’t like it, selling the extra parts might pay for half your figure!




Bottom line, this is a great Boba Fett figure. The color and weathering are spot-on. The details are almost all there and the proportions are good. To me, this is the best Fett Hot Toys has produced and the one that everyone should want in their bounty hunter display. Maybe the base could have been more inspired – more along the lines of the recent ESB Vader release – perhaps a piece of Bespin’s carbon freeze chamber flooring. But that’s a minor nit (and I don’t even use stands) for what is overall a great figure and good value.


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Last modified: October 19, 2018

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