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An Exclu Review by Tham Ying Keet

To coincide with this week’s Batman theme, I’m gonna present you with my review of the Mafex Selina Kyle 2.0 figure. Now this is Mafex’s second attempt at perfecting their version of the Catwoman from the Nolan movie which I think has better human proportions than the first version. This is one of my all time favorite female action figures and I’m gonna give you guys the rundown on why I like this figure so much!


  • 1 Selina Kyle figure
  • 2 interchangeable heads
  • 4 pairs of interchangeable hands
  • 2 types of infrared goggles
  • 1 pistol
  • 1 Batman cowl
  • 1 Batman Batarang
  • 1 standard Mafex stand




As I have mentioned earlier, Mafex has improved on the overall proportions of this figure by giving her a more natural looking human body as compared to the old one. The textured part of the catsuit is beautifully sculpted right down to the wrinkles on the non textured leather as well. The belt itself is sculpted together to the torso and is not a separate piece but it works and does not hinder articulations. Everything just comes so natural together.

Let’s get on to the headsculpt. Mafex has really knock it out of the ballpark with the faceprint of the headsculpt. You can really see Anne Hathaway there on the headsculpt, it is a bit on the pale side but so is Anne Hathaway. This figure comes with another headsculpt where she is wearing her mask as well. There are two types of goggles that will fit on this headsculpt. The first one is the one where it comes down to the mask and the other one is where it sits up on the head for that Catwoman look.




Let’s start with the hair on the figure, it’s painted in brown with some black wash on it. Skin tone is a bit pale but that’s to match the real life Anne Hathaway and her eyes look fantastic as well. Apart from her heels which are painted in silver, the rest of the figure is dominated in black color. The pistol itself is only painted in black without any weathering or wash over it. Overall, I am impressed with the paint application on this figure!




This one highly articulated female figure! You won’t have any problem getting her into those Catwoman like poses from the comics and also the movie itself. Her head can look up in a decent amount but not too high because of the long hair. There’s a ball joint on the head and also a joint on her neck as well so you’ve got a good range of movement there. There are butterfly joints on her shoulders, arm swivel and single jointed elbows which goes up above 90 degree and that works for me! Hasbro please take some notes here! There is also a drop down method for the legs and you can get her into some high flying action kicks too. She balances well even though she comes in high heels and that is what we all want in a female action figure, right? She has separate ball joints at her chest as well as her torso, so you can really get her into all kinds of action poses.

She also comes with four types of interchangeable hands, a pair of closed fists, hands to hold her pistol, a pair of relax hands and another pair to hold up her goggles.





Since this figure was released some time back, the price for her has increased. E-tailers such as Mykombini is selling this figure for $65 excluding shipping. Big Bad Toy Store has her for $82. So, if you are looking for a beautifully sculpted and highly articulated female action figure, I’d say go for it as compared to getting a $80 Mezco Wonder Woman which have less amount of articulations.



For a female action figure, I’m giving it full marks for its articulations and sculpting. It comes with two beautifully sculpted and painted headsculpts, a variety of hands and accessories for our posing pleasure. I highly recommend you guys to pick this one up.


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Last modified: October 6, 2018

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