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In a bit of a surprising, yet likely inevitable move, Hot Toys announced another version of Luke Skywalker as seen in The Last Jedi. This time, it’s his (spoiler alert!) force-projected Crait battle look. I say surprising, only because we still have not seen a Poe figure from either movie – c’mon Hot Toys!


This was arguably the look people really wanted from this movie but weren’t so sure they were going to get. It’s the Jedi Master look that a lot of fans waited for and force-projection or not, it was great to see.

The sculpt and paint here, as with most of Hot Toys sculpts for the last three years or so, is overall very good. I’ve yet to receive the Ach-to version yet, but I would venture to say that this may look better (albeit both are a bit “idealized”). The outfit looks very accurate and consists of the basic Jedi robes, belt, and boots. In addition, it includes; Luke’s blue lightsaber with standard and motion blade inserts, three gloved right hands and four bare left hands, Hans “lucky” dice, and a Crait-themed base.

No word on price yet, but I imagine something in the $220 range.  It should be up for pre-order soon.



Last modified: October 4, 2018

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