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This October we have teamed back up with Tamashii UK / The Cosmic Group to offer a brilliant prize package in our Word Of The Month Instagram challenge: #excluvengeance.

We have 3 Pacific Rim Robot Spirits Jaeger to giveaway plus one mystery prize that will be revealed on Halloween – that’s a decent clue right?


How to get involved?!

Head over to Instagram and follow these simple steps :

  • Use the hashtag #Excluvengeance
  • Follow @TamashiiUK
  • Follow @Exclucollective

Enter your shots between October 1st & October 28th. Remember to match up the context of your shot with our theme word VENGEANCE to stand the best chance of making our Final 3.

What are the prizes?

We have these 3 Pacific Rim Robot Spirits Jaegers to giveaway from Bandai Tamashii Nations and shot for us here by Jason Yang (@workmoreorless). Each member of our podium will take home a Jaeger with 1st place having first pick from the pool, 2nd place will choose from the 2 remaining with 3rd place taking home the remaining figure.

  • Bracer Phoenix
  • Gipsy Avenger
  • Titan Redeemer

Oh, and 1st place will also take home our mystery prize…

The Voting 

For Octobers competition, we are shaking up the way in which the tail end of the competition is handled. Here is how it will go down to ensure a better experience for all participants.

3 finalists will be selected on October 29th and an in-house panel of 6 Exclu judges will cast their vote on who they think should win. We will also invite the community to cast their vote as usual but with a twist. This time we’ll be combining in-house votes with community voice in the following format :

  • Exclu Voters – Each panelist vote counts for 1 Point
  • Community Voters – 1st place for votes = 3 points. 2nd place for votes = 2 points. 3rd place for votes = 1 points.

We’ll then tally up all the points to determine our final podium finish which we’ll reveal on October 31st.

A big good luck to all involved and we can’t wait to unveil our mystery prize this Halloween!

Prize courtesy of Tamashii Nations UK / The Cosmic Group. No limit on entries, archived shots can be tagged with our competition post. Final voting table will be published on Halloween 2018.


Last modified: October 1, 2018

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