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The great team over at Oldboy CTTS have recently announced their new “The Traveler” headsculpt which is based on Josh Brolin’s character “Cable” in Deadpool 2. This new headsculpt is available for pre-order over at their Facebook page as well as their Instagram page – @oldboy_ctts.

Now I don’t have this headsculpt in hand yet but based on the pictures posted by OldboyCTTS, the paint job and the sculpt is fantastic. I wonder why Hasbro did not make any figures that are based on the two Deadpool movies, so if you guys are wondering what bodies to use for this headsculpt, you can use the Cable figures from their previous and current waves. This head will also fit on a Mezco body, so if you’re thinking of getting a Mezco Cable in the future, this one is right up the alley.


Yes, I know for you Captain Obvious out there, the Marvel Legends figures are not scaled to actor Josh Brolin hence, it’s not movie accurate but that’s the only option we have right now. If the Marvel Legends body is not your cup of tea maybe a Mezco body will do the job for you? You’ll probably need to do some customizing with a Mezco body though as they have not release their version of Cable yet but shots of the headsculpt fitted on a Mezco body looks really good.


Check out the full details below and be sure to head over to their Facebook and Instagram page to pre-order whilst you still can!

Estimated Shipping: End of October
Price: 1150 THB ~ 36 USD per head
Pre-order Deadline: 7th October

Please PM us to confirm your order along with the following details:
– Qty / For which body
– Paypal Email
– Shipping Address

*Neck hole will fit ML and Mezco bodies as shown in pics with help from some putty.
**Figure(s) not included.
***Prices will be quoted in local currency (THB), Conversion rates based on Google to avoid confusion.

Hope you guys don’t miss out as they never rebatch!

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All information and pictures are courtesy of Oldboy CTTS

Last modified: September 30, 2018

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