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We’ve gotten our hands on the latest offering from Toys Alliance Acid Rain license in the form of the new Bucks Team Wildebeest motorbike from our sponsors Kapow Toys. It’s our first time getting hands-on with anything from the license so we’re very much excited to get started and see what all the fuss is about over a line of 1:18 figures.


By Toys Alliance

  • 1x Wildebeest Motobike – 1:18 scale
  • 2x Detachable satchel (strapped to handlebars)
  • 1x Bucks Team metallic pin

(Figure used to illustrate size and design is the Acid Rain 1:18 Agurts Infantry from Oritoy – NOT included in the Wildebeest set)

Straight to the point here and all wrapped up in a stylised container befitting the military tone of the Acid Rain universe. The bike comes unassembled but only in 2 pieces that clip together with ease with the added feature of 2 detachable bags that can be unclipped from the handlebar storage. It’s apparent with the box in front of you the just how much attention to detail is given to the product with seamless packaging design and thought out presentation meaning a small package has a big impact. It’s easy to forget how small 1:18 is in our toy community that is so heavily dominated by 1:6 & 1:12 figures and this line is a really refreshing break from that.






We’re kicking the scoring off with a near perfect 9 as the detailing here is just amazing! We seem to think that the larger the scale goes the higher the quality of detailing particularly in lines such as the Movie Masterpiece from Hot Toys. But this shows that detail can still be abundantly present as you move down the scale line. All the parts of the bikes are picked out and sculpted precisely here right down to the links on the chain.


There’s a real intricacy here of inner parts that could have quite easily been neglected but have instead each been given small sculpting nuances which makes all the more difference on a bike this size. There’s also been thought given to the materials used here with practical usage very much in mind with the handlebar grips and brake’s being formed a soft plastic to help the character figures easily wrap their hands around them without the fear of snapping anything off. The tires too are of a somewhat softer material than the core of the bike which seems like a crazy thing to be talking about in a toy review but again its the level of thought and care that has gone into this. It could have quite easily all been formed of a solid plastic and that would have been your lot!




The most striking and characterful element of the Acid Rain universe is the grungy and weathered tone across all of their figures. It’s what really makes them stand out and have their unique identity and that comes down to the paint application across the lines. Too often, if a character is wearing green trousers, the figure will have green trousers that are a single shade throughout, ignoring any sculpting details and diminishing the finish. That isn’t a problem here – not one little bit.


Each component has been painted with a washed base coat before detailing has been individually applied. The main chassis is a washed out bronze with the fuel tank picked out in faded military green and that continues across the Wildebeest with a fantastic attention to detail. Each area has small detailing picked out in sculpt and then highlighted with paint which is something we don’t see enough of in the toy world. There are small “Caution” symbols and Bucks Team logos dotted across the bike further adding to its character and grounding it within the Acid Rain Universe.




Now pricing is always a difficult area to nail down and judge as its very much dependant on the viewer and their budget. Talking in generalities, a figure in the 1:18 scale would be expected to carry a far smaller price tag and that’s very much true here. Our sponsor Kapow Toys have the Wildebeest listed for £22.97 which when you consider the above points of Paint Application and Sculpting is one heck of a good deal. To give some idea of comparison, that price is more-or-less the going rate for a Black Series or a Marvel Legends figure of the 1:12 scale. The difference being the value you get for your money. Now I’m a big Black Series collector and am partial to a Legend too but I’m always aware that the quality is often left wanting – that isn’t the case here.





For a tiny package, the Wildebeest packs a punch with fantastic attention to detail on a level I’ve not really seen before. Now being 1:18 it does naturally mean that everything is more focused and concise but also the fact that the Acid Rain line isn’t a AAA license means that it just has that special feeling to it. There’s a great feeling here that due time and attention are given to the line and I think its one of the reasons why such a small (1:18) scale line is so popular and why I see a ton of pictures every week of the Acid Rain World.

The seamless design helps to establish the license the world that they have created, for myself being a newbie to it, I feel like I instantly understand it and want to explore it further. A thoroughly recommended figure to bolster your Acid Rain Collection.


The packaging is where my point is driven home as its simplicity meets functionality with a great design direction across the line. For someone like me who likes to display my boxes and incorporate them as part of my display, I feel that my needs are met. With a simple design on the side of the box that would look great with the rest of the line displayed together akin to the Black Series boxes. The inner packaging as well is in-keeping with the Acid Rain aesthetic where rather than defaulting to a standard vacuum formed plastic that you’d find in either Marvel Legends & Black Series they’ve instead gone the extra mile. Coming complete in a hardware case themed box which gives that extra something to us as collectors and shows their attention to the overall product.


A big thank you goes out to Kapow Toys for sharing this advance sample of the Bucks Team Wildebeest with us for this review & image gallery! Be sure to check their site for more from the Acid Rain line and far more.

Quick Behind-The-Scenes


For more from across the toy community, stay tuned to Exclu. Figure was provided by Kapow Toys for free for the purpose of coverage & promotion.


Last modified: October 1, 2018

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