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Hot Toys showed off some more images of their Princess Leia in Bespin gown figure – a standout that was first shown at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

Figures from the Empire Strikes Back have been sporadically released over the years, but it seems we may finally be in for a steady stream of heroes from the -arguably – best film in the SW saga over the next couple years (ESB Han Solo is even teased in these promo shots).

The sculpt here looks quite good in its pre-production stage. Something is off in the lips to my eye, but still very good. The gown is pretty simple, without a lot of accessories/embellishments but looks to be accurately done. Something that jumps out at me, and others pointed out on HT’s Facebook page,  is the width of the ankles which look a little thick for Carrie’s frame in some shots.


The accessories are quite sparse, consisting of just four hands and a stand with a Bespin wall backdrop. Hopefully, this adds up to a lower price range for this figure which, while an iconic look for the character, did not factor into a lot of screen time. Pre-orders on your favorite resellers should be up very soon.

Last modified: September 27, 2018

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