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We welcome Jamie Curran (@toy__room) back to the platform as he presents the final chapter in his latest toy photography travel series, Toys on the Road.

And so to my most recent trip and the last part of my toy photography ‘on the road.’ June 2018. World Cup. I just finished University for good. My next destination, the home country of Bianca, Brazil. Santos to be more precise. I was at the airport and I had put all of my figures in my carry-on bag. I thought oh great, they are going to comment on the fact that I have little people in my bag. And that is exactly what they did. I went through security and they asked so what are all of those doing in your bag. I explained what I do as a hobby and he seemed quite intrigued about it. Fun times at the airport security am I right? Anyway we landed and had booked an Airbnb right on the seafront and it was the top floor of the building. I knew straight away what I was going to use there. My new S H Figuarts, Iron Spider.


The view at night was stunning with so many lights so as you can see, he fitted right in with the back drop. The next task was to find a location on the beach to take shots and I found it at the end of the beach. It was a rocky pier that went out quite far but on the sides were really nice rock and sand faces. I did get quite a lot of weird looks and a few laughs every now and again, but it didn’t matter. Toy photography is an art and quite relaxing to take part in. Bianca’s sister lent me her camera. It was a Canon DSLR and I could not believe how good the images were that came out.

rex3 copy

I know that in the future I have to save for a camera like that and a really good lens. Before I took shots however, both Bianca and her sister warned me to be really careful of my surroundings. I didn’t understand, and they said you could definitely get mugged while taking your shots. I laughed, but they didn’t. They were being very serious. So there is me taking my photos and after every button click, I glance around to check no one is coming to steal my stuff. They said that is Brazil for you. Here are some shots that I took out there.

Shoretrooper1 copy

So I am back home now, in England, taking shots whenever I can. The settings near to where I live are getting slightly overused for me, so I hope to find some new places nearby. So, what did I learn with my photography ‘on the road.’ I learnt that I always need to keep an eye out for figures, as you never know what you will find. It also improved my confidence. When I returned, I thought, enough is enough, just go and enjoy it and who cares about the strange looks. I have been involved with toy photography just over a year now and I hope to explore more places around the world and take my toys ‘on the road’ with me.


P.S. Share your stories with me! It would be great to hear about your experiences ‘on the road’ too!  #toysontheroad

A huge thank you goes out to Jamie for sharing his travels and his latest toy photography series with us right here on the Exclu platform. For everything toys in the meantime, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: September 25, 2018

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