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An Exclu Review by Tham Ying Keet

It took some time for my The Last Jedi SH Figurarts Luke Skywalker to reach me. I had missed the preorder from my usual Japanese website – Mykombini and had to resort to getting it from a local supplier in my country. Now this was a web exclusive figure hence, you don’t get the usual window box packaging. The figure arrived late last month and here’s what I have to say about the figure :-


  • 1 Luke Skywalker figure
  • 2 pairs of interchangeable hands
  • 1 compass (closed)
  • 1 compass (opened)
  • Jedi Crusader Pendant
  • 1 hood




This figure is based on the attire worn by Luke in Ahch-To where he goes by his usual daily routine on a deserted island :- spearfishing & collecting thala-siren milk! For a boring figure that doesn’t seem to do much, Bandai SH Figurarts have compensated us with such a great sculpted figure. Luke’s outfit is so perfectly sculpted that you might think that they’re actually soft goods! Going through the figure, you’ll notice all the wrinkles on the outer robe are perfectly layed out and it’s the same with his undershirt as well! I have to say I am really impressed, Bandai!

Now let’s talk about the head, this is by far the best looking “old man” Luke Skywalker headsculpt to come straight out of the box! Just like the Black Widow headsculpt, Bandai have another winner in their hands! They have managed to nail the likeness of an aged Mark Hamill and this headsculpt is way better than the Black Series one. Sad to say though that we only get one headsculpt and Bandai did not give us any interchangeable faces like the Black Widow figure. My only complaint about the head is the noticeable  seamline going across the head itself. You also get a raised hood option with this figure and the hood itself is well sculpted too. It does look like actual cloth but in actual fact its plastic.




I think the weakest part of this figure is the color of the hair. Looking from the top I noticed that there is a transition of lighter to darker shade of brown at the ends but it just feels very plain. The beard is well painted though, you can see different shades of grey there. Skin tones are perfectly painted and so are the eyes, they look so lifelike!. I have to say it again, this is one fine headsculpt beautifully painted and look so much like Mark Hamill. As for the rest of the outfit, they are painted in different shades of brown. I particularly like how the outer robe is painted and I noticed that there is a black wash to it as well.




You can come to expect the type of articulations that come with a SH Figurarts action figure. Arms are single jointed but they can come up to more than 90 degrees. Since the figure is wearing an outer robe, the sleeves are separated pieces that allows for better arm movement. He has a waist swivel, so you can have him turn left and right easily and this is way better than the recently released Infinity War Black Widow. You can have him bend forward up to about 90 degrees which is very good but not much backwards. You can get him into a decent sitting position but because the outer robe is made of plastic, you’ll need to work on it a bit. Legs can come up to 90 degrees but they don’t go backwards much, again because of it’s outer robe. His head can look down at a decent amount but not much upwards because of the sculpted hair. You only get two types of hands with this figure and they are open hands for holding the compass and pendant and closed fisted ones. They didn’t give us any hands for holding a lightsaber but he wasn’t holding one when he was in Ahch-To right?



Due to the fact that this figure was a web exclusive, this figure doesn’t come cheap! I paid about $80 (USD) for this one. Big Bad Toystore is selling this for $115 (USD)! For that kind of price where you only get 2 types of interchangeable hands, no extra headsculpt or even facesculpt, I simply can’t recommend this figure to everyone but if you are looking for a beautifully painted and  sculpted figure that bears an uncanny resemblance to Mark Hamill, this is the figure to pick up.



Ignoring the fact that I paid such a premium for this figure, I still prefer the look of this Luke Skywalker than the Last Jedi Black Series Jedi outfit one. Bandai did such a great job on the sculpt of this figure without giving him any soft goods! This is definitely one of the best looking Luke Skywalker headsculpt that comes straight out of the box.



For more from across the toy community, stay tuned to Exclu and to find out how you could take your SHF Luke one step further, check out our Affinity app Tutorial.

Last modified: September 21, 2018

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