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We welcome Jamie Curran (@toy__room) back to the platform as he presents a brand new series he calls “Toys On The Road” as he chronicles his recent travels that went hand-in-hand with his toy photography passion.

‘What are you doing with all these toys in your bag’ – Heathrow Baggage security guy, June 2018.

Yep, I got stopped briefly going through security, but more on that another time. While travelling to Brazil this Summer, I thought to myself, why not document my toy photography while I am away and then share my experiences/adventures with you all. So this is going to be a 3 part series of my adventures ‘on the road’ as a Toy Photographer. (Cue line from Episode 3 “This is where the fun begins”).


I have had some very funny moments and slightly scary ones so let’s start right at the beginning of it all. To do this I need to take you all back to June 2017. ‘@toy__room’ had been around for about a month (and for those that might remember it was actually ‘@t.o.y_r.o.o.m’, I know what a really annoying name to type out, but hey, it’s gone). It took place in Italy. I was on very nice, long holiday with my girlfriend, Bianca, travelling around Italy and while we were in Florence, I stumbled across two ‘Black Series Scarif Shoretroopers’ in a Disney store! You do not find these in the UK so it was a must buy. Note to self, ALWAYS KEEP AN EYE OUT for any figures. Now before I left for the trip I bought myself a new camera, a Sony A6000. I knew it wasn’t the best camera out there at that point and I could have gone for a DSLR, but I wanted to make a start and I thought it was perfect for a beginner. I won’t even go into how annoyed I was when I saw the exact camera in duty free for A LOT cheaper. Deep breath Jamie.

Image result for Polignano-a-Mare

Polignano a Mare

Our final destination in Italy was a small, seaside town of Polignano a Mare. It was around 25mins by train from Bari. When we arrived there, we headed to the beach, but it was absolutely packed. At that moment, I was not that confident to take some shots, I was only a beginner and also  because I did not want to be looked at strangely. I am sure this has happened to a lot of us, but now this has changed. I just go out, take some shots wherever I think would look great. Later, my girlfriend then had a good idea to go back during the evening, before it got too dark. So that is what we did and as you can see in the next photo, that is what I took (the best one of the lot haha). There was a street lamp that lit up the side of the beach so that was very handy for me to use! You must take advantage of everything your environment gives you!

So, that is it for Part One. Sorry it was quite short, but I hope you enjoyed it! Next time we jump forward a month and I am in Russia being circled by 12 large dogs and getting almost run over by a dirt bike! Until next time!

Be sure to check back next week for parts 2 & 3 of Jamie’s latest Toy Photography series and for all things toys, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: September 15, 2018

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