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We’re delighted to have long time Exclu Collaborator Jennifer Nichole Wells (@tourmalinenow) showcasing her Exclu Rewind project as she recreates a series of shots with new equipment, processes and techniques in play. We’ll let Jennifer take it from here :

Three years ago, I made a series I called Routine. I made an O scale (about 4cm tall) posable doll of polymer clay and wire. He was meant to represent a human in general, nothing more, nothing less, so I kept the details to an absolute minimum. His setting was also kept bare, largely beige and brown with minimal accessories, and I made a handful of images detailing the basics of an average human day.

Routine - Eat(21) - OGImage

Routine - Sleep(31) - OGImage

The scale was off, the set messy, but I was really happy with the results, and I got a good bit of positive feedback.

Now for the present. My boyfriend bought a dollhouse kit for me Christmas 2016. I built the bulk of the house, then quit. My passions not in the building… Recently I discovered that Body Chan, a figure I had really loved the look of for some time, is 1:12 scale – dollhouse scale, and suddenly all I could picture was her world inside my unfinished dollhouse. So, we ordered the figure, and I began work again on my house, adding shingles, trim, stairs, doors and windows, etc. Once I got the figure in the mail, I took her to the store and compared her to paint swatches, choosing one that matched her grey plastic.

I then planned out each room, what furniture and accessories I’d need. I have collected a good chunk of dollhouse items over the years – some from my childhood toys, some I’ve bought for a photo here and there, some others have given me. I bought, made or repurposed the items I didn’t have on hand, then I painted absolutely everything light grey – the house, the accessories, carpet, blankets, rubber duck, everything.

Before painting


After Painting


I’m still working on this series. And hope to be for a long time. I’m inspired by the idea of there being a comfort in the routine, or a life well lived without a push for adventure. But at the same time, I consider these images, in their monochrome state, to be a blank slate for whoever is viewing them to put their own experiences and emotions into.


  • OG: Canon EOS Rebel T1i with 100 mm f2.8 USM Macro Lens
  • New: Canon 6D Mark II with 100 mm f2.8 USM Macro Lens
  • Both: Tripod and table top studio lights


  • OG: Handmade Polymer clay and wire frame figure
  • New : SHFiguarts Body Chan grey colour version

Full house interior with curtain rods still drying

While this will be a much larger body of work than my Routine series, some of the core, or at least my favorite images, are recreations of those same scenes and I’m absolutely amazed how different, how much better and reasoned out, my new images are. I still don’t think they’re perfect, and I believe there’s always room to grow, but I’m happy with where I’ve come so far.

Monochromous - 1 - NewImageMonochromous - 2 - NewImageMonochromous - 16 - NewImage

Monochromous - 34 - NewImage

As ever we say a massive thank you Jennifer for taking the time to show us both her original series and talk us through her updated series where all her experiences and skills learnt along the way are evident to see. A fantastic Rewind project which we say a massive thank you for showcasing here on Exclu. Be sure to follow more of Jen’s projects over on Instagram via her handle @tourmalinenow.

For all the latest Rewind projects, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: September 9, 2018

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